New Password Reset Tool

We just updated our Lost Password page, so if you forget your password, it will no longer be sent to you as plain text in an email.

We added a new layer of security, so when you use the Lost Password page, you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password to something new.

Always check the address bar, to make sure that you are only entering your information in and not some other website. The URL should always look like this:

If you have any questions, or come across any bugs or problems with this, please be sure to contact us at

You can find the Lost Password page at


22 thoughts on “New Password Reset Tool

  1. Welcome

    well done.

    Then need register only use one email not musty be change email 🙂 more protect. Thanks info Frog and CamfrogTeam

  2. Pc

    Hacked mail problem. nick by entering the information MUST reset service. . example: MSN account support

  3. RealPlayer

    very goood but i want to ask for another thing , please try to work on Camfrog for iphone and ipod , try to make it possible to change font and use our pro code

  4. danny

    Well done camfrog you could make this better have auto mobile messages sent out to your mobiles if some one asked for password reset i think would be cool aswell facebook do all that i think you should go this way aswell so then you sent specail passkey for your account password be changed nd you after type key


    I agree with Danny.

    There should be an extra security procedure for password changing, or when logging in like “2 steps verification” in Gmail. Through this way, Helpdesk would not be ‘flooded’ anymore by messages reporting on nickname stolen (or hacked). Camfrog has to be more strictly in security approach to protect their users in the next Camfrog client version: 6.2.

  6. 5oe

    really nice…camfrog team i wish have camfrog for android…can you do something????

  7. HQZ

    Aww..~ this is nice. already tasted. more safety now. Congratz for new improvement. :)(Y)

  8. Zoomshorts

    Now all you need do is curtain the DDOS attacks by banning any country from which they originate.

  9. Great job frog!

    Next, we all need you to make two or three additional security question for resetting this sensitive one. Keep moving, we are following, spectating, and enjoy camfrog!

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