lá fhéile pádraig sona daoibh!

It’s almost St. Paddy’s Day!

How are you going to celebrate? Is your favorite Camfrog room going to be having any fun parties?

We have some cool virtual gifts, like a Four Leaf Clover, some Green Beers, a Leprechaun’s Hat, or some Green Frog Beer to help you get into the spirit!


Have a happy (and safe) Saint Patrick’s Day!
from your friends at Camfrog

16 thoughts on “lá fhéile pádraig sona daoibh!

  1. earthling_12345

    The gift of the green droid android app would also be nice……
    Any news on this..????

  2. Greater_Soul

    Hello Camfrog team, I thank you for creating such a beautiful social video chat software. I’m a proud owner of it on PC. But please come out with Android version of it. I miss that on my phone. The day you release it I’ll buy it. Please let us all android users enjoy camfrog on our phone like iPhone and Windows mobile users are enjoying.


    It would be nice too if the virtual gifts become “2x”. Ppl are waiting for double point VG. 🙂

  4. Zoomshorts

    What would be really nice for an actual feature for Camfrog, is the ability to IGNORE users playing music in room AND allow the use of the microphone for normal chat while the ignored user continued to play their music for those people who love to listen to music.

  5. HE42

    hallo dear camfrog
    nice animated virtual gift, but even better if 30 x 2 points because a lot of users waiting camfrog promo..(y)(y)
    thank you

  6. 264

    we need android camfrog version is better,so many people on the world waiting camfrog on the android system.thanks camfrog we love u

  7. Zoomshorts

    Hi Admin,
    Well this is partially true. When one user is playing music, we find that other users attempt to do the same thing, muddling up the audio. Duplex is nice, but not when several people wish to play music at the same time. If you ignore one music player, you get more trying to play music. It is consternating.

  8. Linux Admin

    Dear Admin ,

    Just wanted to check if the Camfrog Web Plugin is supported with Camfrog Advanced Server Linux 5.0-8. If i add the CWE PRO code to the cf_room.conf and embed the script to my site will it work ?

  9. Linux Admin


    Chat room “audio_mode” has Three options
    1-push-to-talk for multiple users
    2-hear all visible users

    using the options no 2 (2-hear all visible users) u will be able to listen to the users who u want . you will have to click on there nicknames in the room and automatically u will be able to listen to only those users and there wont be any common mic in the room . to listen to any user u will have to click on there nicknames

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