New Virtual Gifts for February

It’s February, and we have some cool new virtual gifts!

Relax and be classy with some Cognac and a Cigar or play a game of Darts(Valentine’s Darts!)

Where in the world is your special someone? Use this Heart Tag to show where your special Love Pigeon is!

Of course, we also have something for those of you who love movies and tasty snacks even more! Grab some Movie Popcorn, or a Red Lollipop today!

From now until Valentine’s Day (February 14th) These new gifts are x2 points!

5 thoughts on “New Virtual Gifts for February


    Nice… that’s very nice, Frog. 2 x 30 point is very demanded!! Cognac and Cigar is indeed eye catching. Love that pic. Anyway, apart from this, rooms, bots, and nicknames are often ‘on–off ‘ during the last 4 days. What’s happening? Outage? Under Attack? or something else?

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