Animated Virtual Gifts!

We would like to announce our newest addition to the Camfrog Virtual Gifts lineup: Animated Virtual Gifts!

These new animated virtual gifts are worth a whopping 200 gift points!

We have launched Animated Gifts with the following gifts:

Christmas Bells, Christmas Bunny, Christmas Tree, Heart, Letter, Santa

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  1. friends a happy birthday

  2. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Nice animated VGs. That’s, I am sure, a progressing path to “3D VGs” come into exist soon. Anyway, 75 USD for 200 points would be quite affordable for Asians (Americans and Europeans would be agree with too! lols). 50 USD for 101 points, and now you launch 200 points for 99,95 USD. Nothing change, right? 99,95% users purchasing VG based ONLY on point and price so they can enjoy the “icons” in front of the nickname in room/list, NOT the form of the VG on their profiles. They don’t care the profiles, coz this is Camfrog, not Facebook. Merry Xmas, Frog. Bless U.

  3. nice new animated virtual gift good working camfrog

  4. HD Gifts & Animated Gifts special for Christmas.

  5. nice ^^

  6. Camfrog i know u doing all these Gift’s but could make new emotions as MSN Message all ways being updated there no Christmas Emotions i bet pal talk have them better than us

  7. @admin…app for android plsssssssss

  8. im waiting the CF for android…
    nice working CF

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