Camfrog Website Translation Project

We have launched the new Camfrog Website Translation Project.

Would you be interested in participating and translating Camfrog Website into your language? If you are, please log in to using your Camfrog login and password and start translating or proofreading phrases into the language you speak. You have the same rights as on main translation site.

Your participation is very much appreciated! For our most helpful translators and proofreaders, we would like to offer cool Gifts of Camfrog Pro codes as a thank you!

15 thoughts on “Camfrog Website Translation Project


    I’ve been trying my best directly on the page. But, after done couple pages and wanna back to previous ones, my translations disappeared from the field and the page back to empty again. Is that normal? I mean, do my translation go to your system and well saved there after I hit “Submit” button? I just worried my translation erased. Lols.

  2. Serennna

    I have been trying to translate the sentences into portuguese but when i press the SEND it just won’t go.

  3. V394

    Translation camfrog work very useful. Now Camfrog easy use to every many language world wide. Thanks sir.

  4. '18

    It is very pleasant to see this interaction between the users and camfrog, I’m having happy to be helping in the translation into Portuguese (Brazil).
    Camfrog Every team should be congratulated for having the brilliant idea of interaction between the User and camfrog.
    congratulations to all.



    Frog, Why does my nickname disappear from ‘Translators of the Week’? I have translated more than 630 phrases in 4 days. Do you have an explanation on this? Thx…

  6. HQZ

    @NAGABRAHMAN i saw ur name last time i do translated. But now when i view that web.. not have. Idk what happen..
    maybe Admin can explain.

    Keep it up CF 🙂

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