Camfrog for iOS Update

iCamfrog version 2.2.12 is now available in the app store!

This update fixes some problems some users were having in iOS5, as well as adds Camfrog support for the iOS5 notifications area.

Download Camfrog Video Chat for your iPhone or iPad

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  1. old_bayron said:

    Admin need cam support for Camfrog room multi-user video chat please allow multi-view video capability in chat rooms.and two version of this app free and pro (when add this features?) View webcam videos, listen to and speak with groups of Camfrog Members!

    can add im Catcher to no lost message when lost connection?


  2. kameeltjuh said:

    nice new version but i no need this, and i need new version android 😛

  3. L1l_PeaNuT said:

    I cant believe you guys got a better update version of camfrog for iphone and ipad, but have yet to release the much wanted and needed camfrog for Android app. This makes me so sad and frustrated at the same time guys…ugh! Please get the android app out soon, you cant imagine how many of us have an android phone, wether it be Galaxy android, or LG android and many others, we want it bad! Hope to see it out here soon.Thank you for all your time and efforts as they are greatly appreciated.

  4. IOS I’m glad my favorite because I’m always a good webmaster and we are always working with the team maclarle

  5. I’m with PeaNut on this. What is up with updating the iPhone version AGAIN, yet telling the Android users ‘Its Coming’, and nothing more. Paltalk has had a pretty good Android app for a year now, so we know you know how to do it. Please just give us something more than ‘It’s coming’!

    What about Beta versions?

    Just a note. As of July 2011, according to data, Androids make up 36.4% of the current marketshare vs. 26.0% for Apple iPhones.

    There are way more of us that want this app than are speaking out about it.

    Droid Guy
    Droid 3 (rooted)
    LG Ally (Velocity)

    • Unfortunately at the moment we can’t say more than that we are working as fast as we can on it, but we also want to release a quality app, that isn’t always crashing, so our users have the best experience. We should have something available soon 🙂

  6. 2 Million Android Devices World Wide ! i think its TIme

  7. many People Use Android & Blackberry 😀 😀 😀 😀 so we need this admin..

  8. kameeltjuh said:

    Thanx for the information admin… keep the good job(Y)

  9. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    We are looking forward to it, Frog. Keep progressing! 🙂

  10. Day_off20 said:

    Christmas and android are coming.

  11. admin @

    you know? Samsung=Android HTC=Andoroid Sony ericsson=Andorid LG=Andorid Motorola=Andorid All the world’s %72 Android use !!!

  12. Man they’ve been saying that for over a year now… its comming….
    geez at least release it with the IM functionality like you did with the I.O.S. app

  13. old_bayron said:

    add rooms video support to all device iPad, iPhone, iPod and allow new audio mode this app now work fine

    thank you

  14. Sounds very good Admin 🙂

  15. new gadgets said:

    nice new version,sounds good. thanks for the sharing

  16. kameeltjuh said:

    Thats nice very nice news….. we cant w8 anymore(A)

  17. Manoman51plus said:

    Hi guys new to the iPad app. Have an ipad2 but unable to view cams either in rooms or in IM any suggestions or is it my version of OS?

  18. If the Beta coming out i’d def love to test it !!! I have 4 different Android devices =]

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