14 thoughts on “Camfrog is now on Google+

  1. DroidGuy

    C’mon, ya gotta give us something!

    We will understand if you’re having issues with the code or something, but some of us have been waiting 18 months or more for this the Droid app and all we get from Camfrog is ‘Its Coming’.

    Can we please get a real update?

    Just shoot straight with us. We’ll understand.

  2. admin

    All the world’s S android using operating system and on the phone,I think you should rush.maybe iphone using u may be experiencing problems.Thx.


    That’s great, Frog. Google + would be a nice place to stay connected for Camfroggers elsewhere. 🙂

  4. Marco

    Only a thing guys: I ve just changed my phone…i want camfrog on android now,only chat is good like windows mobile version, cam can be added later. If u have problems to develop it,i could help you. im wondering why ur developing so slowly: java is so similar to c++ language….waiting for feedback.

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