iCamfrog Update!

iCamfrog version 2.2.7 is now available in the App Store

Some of the changes include

  • Top gifted users (see the special status icons!
  • Added support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Several other bugfixes

Please note, this is not fully compatible with iOS-5 yet. We are currently working on adding full iOS-5 support. Stay tuned!

Also note that we are discontinuing support for Camfrog VoiceChat now that we made the Camfrog VideoChat app available for free

Update now! We always welcome your feedback!

30 thoughts on “iCamfrog Update!

  1. old_bayron

    ยป Top gifted users (see the special status icons!)
    ยป Added support for Bluetooth headsets

    nice to hear about new things i hope next release with this features:

    free mobile version

    add video in room

    add support for Emoticons

    add Support for new Camfrog audio modes in Camfrog video chat rooms

    add Web notifications in your contact list

    add IM History

    add invite friends to rooms they are in

    add video chat room user list menu

    add pro features to activate pro funcions when buy camfrog pro code

    Open multiple video windows

    Resize video windows to full iphone screen

    Locate what room a user is in

    Send files to your friends


  2. danny

    Hi Every One Camfrog way to go Excellent work love it keep the hard work looking better now

  3. danny

    Hi Camfrog Qwestion i think this should bring this up with every one aswell

    This what i am going say i have iphone aswell i get kicked out the room i think no fair most the rooms try get in get kicked could take lurkers out in the new version on all camfrog rooms would be ace if that was gone then, ppl can’t say need to be on cam

  4. Hey guys, we’re working on an Android app, we hope to have it out real soon! Stay tuned!

    @danny, are you on iOS5?

  5. Douggle

    Im on ios 5 disconnects are horrid the sooner you can fix this the better as i use this app frequently

  6. Iphoneuser

    I’m on ios5 and I have to say the disconnects are so bad that the program might as well be rendered useless. I really hope u release an update for ios5 soon. As I like to have camfrog on the move. Thx camfrog team.

  7. DaveX510

    Yeah most of the regs in my room are iDevice users or they go back and forth to the computer. It’s so bad that alot have stoped comming and said there tired of the dissconnects. Its happening to all different ios versions not just 5.

  8. insatiable_888

    The disconnect issue is not only for ios 5 users, both my 4.3.3 and 5.0 idevices are having disconnect every now and then…

  9. Iphoneuser

    Yes I also had terrible disconnects on ios4 as well it was so bad signing in and out that some of the people took me off the friends list because they got fed up with me keep filling there screen

  10. danny

    Hi Admin I am on the new Camfrog Iphone App on my iphone 4s looks ace but problems is this most room owners kick out being in lurkers area’s so camfrog need bring some rule in about this or some way that tells the room on iphone like lurker area for camfrog but says iphone user init would be great if had that then the room owners would know on iphone thanks Danny

  11. Hi camfrog team,

    I had alot of disconnects with camfrog on my iphone i felt tired from this issue can u fix it please i will die without camfrog
    This issue with all IOS and with all idevice.


  12. danny

    Just tryed this morning Iphone 5 with Camfrog not had no issues keep posted on this one not drop out yet, Thought try my m8s new iphone it works ok

  13. old_bayron

    danny i think need video in chat rooms, this is video chat all client must be uniform free version for all client with webcam funcion in room pls admin allow this funcion on all mobile device as normal client for apple hardware support streaming video as client pc and mac (develop version with video for iphone and ipad).


  14. Alison

    The app is giving me grief. Even after I sign out, remove my username and password from the login screen so it can’t automatically log back in, I am getting random notifications (beeping) and so I check my phone, the app says I have 3 messages on camfrog. So I go to open it, and it’s not even logged in. So did I receive 3 messages, but then get logged out? If so, when I log back in, the messages are gone. Please fix it asap, it’s very frustrating to deal with, like I said even when I’m not logged in!!!

  15. justinyo

    When can we use pro code and watch videos from iphone? (iphone 3g) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thnks…

  16. destroyer

    i try ipad 2 private cam , but it seem thre alot of problem
    1. it very difficult to establish conection (using wifi)
    2. friend cannot see my cam(i try connect it with my laptop with cam built on laptop it work properly , but if friend using webcam (seperate cam) they cannot see may cam why this is happend????

    thank for the answer

  17. Brandon

    For the mobile camfrog video chat room sensitivity problem solved!

    I believe you could get around the video chat room sensitivity by only allowing you to view people in your contacts list while you are inside a video chat room and vise versa.

    Then there is no way for people to be offended by Wankers.
    I feel then that version could be approved for iOS or Android.

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