New October Camfrog Virtual Gifts

For October we have released some spooky new Halloween themed Camfrog virtual gifts along with a couple normal gifts.  Creep out your friends for Halloween by giving them an evil eye amulet, Halloween candy, a jack o’ lantern, or a scary ghost!

Not into Halloween?  No problem.  Send your friends a fortune cookie, or if you’re feeling romantic send them a key to your heart.

Also for October only we have made the Camfrog Crown platinum points pack have double the gift points for the same price.

October Virtual GiftsCrown Points Pack X2, Evil Eye Amulet, Fortune Cookie, Halloween Candy, Jack O’lantern, Key to your Heart, Scary Ghost

We at Camfrog hope you have a frogalicious Halloween!


13 thoughts on “New October Camfrog Virtual Gifts

  1. _5L

    Well Done 😀 camfrog !!

    Good news , But i wanna ask what about password in regedit i can’t got it ??

    camfrog new version alreday crypte it can’t show , so what we can do ?

    if someone forget his password and his email to do ”forget password” coz i

    have this problem right now

  2. macuser

    Being Camfrog’s Birthday we were expecting more , some cool offers or free gifts ……… but sad to see you just pushed the camfrog cloud s/w which was already available for download quite a month back

  3. X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X

    poor birthday party for CAMTALK members there give a lot of money to CAMTALK………….
    its business life ….. M O N E Y from Members but nothing from Camtalk to Members back …. or ???



    Can you create and make new virtual gift “Vietname Flag” ?


  5. old_bayron

    OFF Topic need help for all mobile users

    the newest Camfrog for iPhone/iPod and iPad with ios5 they have some problem:
    1) lost connection login time on 3g is too slow, lost connection when on multitasking (fix pls)
    2) no audio with new server version (multiaudio chat)
    3) add video chat in room free user one cam
    4) videochat pro now is free but for pay user this is bad (4$) (0.79$) allow to use all pro funcion allow all user with original pro code (49.95$)


  6. CGR

    Frog were hoping for something double next month 🙂 like a VG, and can u give us pro that lasting for forever again, just for limited time, for example just next month, thanks for your appreciation frog 🙂

  7. Droid Community

    All we want for Christmas is…

    Camfrog for Android!

    Thousands of android users on Camfrog can’t be wrong 🙂

    The Camfrog Android Community

  8. old_bayron

    admin camfrog version for ios device crash with ios5, push notification not work on notification center pls check


  9. jack06

    _Xx_LiBertiNaGE_ShoW_ExhIbiTioN_xX_ we are on camfrog cloud and proud to be their….long life camfrog……..

  10. hi just want to ask if theres a camfrog device for android, or are you willing to create this in the future?

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