Camfrog Cloud Server Video Chat Rooms

Today on Camfrog’s birthday we are proud to announce Camfrog Cloud Video Chat Rooms.

Have you ever wanted to host a Camfrog Server but found it too complicated to set up a dedicated server?  With Camfrog Cloud Server no dedicated server is necessary.  Just start up the Camfrog Cloud Server software on your desktop and all audio, video, and bandwidth runs through the Camfrog cloud.

Please give our new Camfrog Cloud Server software a try.  We welcome your feedback.

Download Camfrog Cloud Server


22 thoughts on “Camfrog Cloud Server Video Chat Rooms

  1. F4H

    Products of the cloud and a good
    Serial cost too much but
    if it lowers prices camfrog little room there will be many clouds

  2. OTI

    I agree with @F4H 🙂

    F4H Says:
    October 1st, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Products of the cloud and a good
    Serial cost too much but
    if it lowers prices camfrog little room there will be many clouds

  3. F4H

    100 user 30 days $ 169.95 too
    100 user 1 year $ 60.00 good price

    serials have to be inexpensive
    serials are cheap if there will be little room open

    Good idea and give room for 1 1 serial 100 user max at $ 100.00 for all

    OTI like my idea?

  4. Dave

    I cant find a price (saw mentioned on a forum $99 for max 40 users) if is true then its too expensive. You have to be competitive with the private server rentals if you want customers. You can run a room for as little as about $30/month /1000 users. Only reason I can think of that you would try this is that you plan on eliminating private servers on your system and, in the future, only run CF through your Cloud system. At $170 per month….CF wont exist. Really? $169.95 a month? That cant be right…Your gonna find alot of dead room names when people realize that the free version only allows 3 users to a room. You should tell them before they create a room so they dont waste a name and their time. There are already endless lists of dead rooms on the site. Seriously, you guys, what is your grand plan here? All these changes and pricing decisions Im seeing here does not give me much confidence that CF is gonna be here for the long haul. Why would I invest?


    Happy B’day Camfrog. I wish you all the best wishes and keep progressing!
    See, pricing is still be a hot theme since last couple months and got it’s boiling point at the time you issued the controversial policy at 11 July: ‘No Pro, No Cam’ for unpaid users. You know what is the best for your users, Frog. I would not say anything more. 🙂

  6. frogfuzion

    Congrats! Nice to see cloud hosting come out, we were kinda wishing private servers would be able to create our own cloud network too using our own dedicated servers.

    The price may seem a bit steep, but considering bandwidth and dedicated servers are still expensive, it’s a bit more realistic than what most 3rd party servers charge.

    Would you guys mind considering upping the limit on the free version to 5? Or allowing to increment the user limit in blocks of 10, so we can purchase a 10 user serial, then be able to purchase and apply another 10 user serial to increase the user limit to 20, and so on and so forth

  7. Happy Birthday Camfrog.

    We wish you well with Hosting your own Chat Rooms (like paltalk), after all there’s nothing wrong with Competition. As we don’t seem to have much these days.

    We have enjoyed Hosting for 5 Years+ and may it continue, as we work together or many more years, side by side Hosting safe and enjoyable Chat Rooms.

    NoDrAmaUk Admin.

  8. Zoomshorts

    Camfrog’s official birthday is November first, 2003. Read the change log!

    “To the cloud!” one television advertisement screams. Wow, allowing
    people to DEPEND on others to host their data, or service! I predicted
    this in last October when it was announced that Paltalk had purchased

    Soon “Camfrog” will not provide anything BUT cloud computing servers.
    Palfrog has fixated on their business model as the best one. They are
    wrong. If their business model was so successful, why would they even
    think about purchasing Camfrog? Most of the people on Camfrog came
    FROM Paltalk, they left because Paltalk was a sub-standard, over priced

    Soon All servers will be hosted by Palfrog, and you will have to pay
    their outrageous prices to maintain a room. So much for gaining access
    to the Asian market. So much for a good business model. You are pricing
    yourselves out of a market.

  9. admin

    Zoomshorts, user hosted rooms are very important to Camfrog. The only person saying we will force users to host in the cloud is you.

    Users have been complaining for years about how complicated it is to host a room so we added this more simple option.


    can i asked when there be camfrog on android phone like the htc and if camfrog hosting room,s then u need to put down the cast off the room as smill room like 40 user,s it cast no more then £20 amonth look at the room on allage uk so i look at the cast off your hostng befor u lose out

  11. gajebo99

    Great.. before it is written in blogs, I’ve tried it. Although only for the 3 user (free) but it is fun.

  12. Zoomshorts

    See how easy it is to get the Admin to reply, just sow some disinformation and voila. I take those words as a commitment on Camfrog’s part.

    Yes Me, I was using that part as disinformation. Now for some clarification :


    This server allows you to host your own video chat room, not videochat.
    If you want to video chat only download Camfrog Video Chat.

    What exactly is the difference between a video chat room and videochat?

  13. johnnyjumpup

    My room acoustic_jam is operating as a cloud room and I never set it up. I have emailed Camfrog for help and they do not repond yet they remove my posts on the blog. Acosuctic_JAM room is my room and I cannot get any help. If you want to delete my posts then please have the courtesy to answer my requests for help sent to that I have been sending for 3 days. I have operated a room here for 5 years and it was the most popular room in general. If this post is deleted and no response to my requests for help then I guess I will know that Camfrog doesnt care and I will close my temporary room and leave camfrog.

  14. X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X

    @ admin

    no comment ………….its easy to delete a posting better is giving support to customers


    i full agree ,,,,, NO SUPPORT for CLOUD ,,,

  15. ora_k

    So,,,, what’s the bottom line?

    Hosting our own rooms, our own codes or ? which I did but have to put up with attackers, flooders 🙁

    I, personally been burnt by many so called *Camfrog Room Hosting*.

    Any suggestions?

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