iCamfrog Update!

iCamfrog version 2.2.7 is now available in the App Store

Some of the changes include

  • Top gifted users (see the special status icons!
  • Added support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Several other bugfixes

Please note, this is not fully compatible with iOS-5 yet. We are currently working on adding full iOS-5 support. Stay tuned!

Also note that we are discontinuing support for Camfrog VoiceChat now that we made the Camfrog VideoChat app available for free

Update now! We always welcome your feedback!

New October Camfrog Virtual Gifts

For October we have released some spooky new Halloween themed Camfrog virtual gifts along with a couple normal gifts.  Creep out your friends for Halloween by giving them an evil eye amulet, Halloween candy, a jack o’ lantern, or a scary ghost!

Not into Halloween?  No problem.  Send your friends a fortune cookie, or if you’re feeling romantic send them a key to your heart.

Also for October only we have made the Camfrog Crown platinum points pack have double the gift points for the same price.

October Virtual GiftsCrown Points Pack X2, Evil Eye Amulet, Fortune Cookie, Halloween Candy, Jack O’lantern, Key to your Heart, Scary Ghost

We at Camfrog hope you have a frogalicious Halloween!


Camfrog Cloud Server Video Chat Rooms

Today on Camfrog’s birthday we are proud to announce Camfrog Cloud Video Chat Rooms.

Have you ever wanted to host a Camfrog Server but found it too complicated to set up a dedicated server?  With Camfrog Cloud Server no dedicated server is necessary.  Just start up the Camfrog Cloud Server software on your desktop and all audio, video, and bandwidth runs through the Camfrog cloud.

Please give our new Camfrog Cloud Server software a try.  We welcome your feedback.

Download Camfrog Cloud Server