World Flag Virtual Gifts (September)

For September we are offering 10 national flags from around the world.  These Camfrog flag virtual gifts also have double gift points for the month of September only!

Did we leave out your national flag?  Please let us know your favorite flag and we’ll try to include it next year in September.

World Flag Virtual GiftsChina X2, France X2, Indonesia X2, Italy X2, South Korea X2, Malaysia X2, Philippines X2, Thailand X2, Turkey X2, USA X2

Not a fan of world flags?  You can also buy a full fridge X2 or love hearts X2.  We have also made our Blue Diamond X2 platinum points package have double points for September.

Thanks for a great summer and happy Camfrogging!

12 thoughts on “World Flag Virtual Gifts (September)

  1. SKJ

    good choice frog..
    Indonesia Flag… cool :p

    More surprise in September..

    And next, please add new emoticons smiles in camfrog version.. more camfoger need that.. ty


    Yeahhhh… that’s what we are waiting for: The 2×30. I hope you release a new 2x30pts for Batik, Kris, Borobudur, Comodo, Bali Dancer, Luwak Coffee, and many more come from Indonesia. That would be nice, Frog! 🙂

  3. X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X


    pls tell me for what you need VG ?????? for what ???

    not understand this really …..

  4. bernie

    Is somebody eventually going to reveal why some users are still not able to sign in?..i keep getting this damm pop up asking me to manually type in a password for a nickname i no longer use nor remember the email account i set it up with



    2 friends of mine got the same issue. Have you upgraded your camfrog client to the newest one anyway?

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