11 thoughts on “New Special Short Nickname Pricing (September)

  1. rommel

    how about trying to fix the linux camfrog advance server so we can loggin, we payed good money for the server procodes that we cant use because our rooms wont login using linux camfrog server advance !!!

  2. sheeesh_i_forgot

    Its a good idea of new prices, in the other hand can you please do something with the room lag? im using the latest version and it gets to a point where its now affecting my whole computer because the signing on an off is maing my computer slower and using the mouse is becoming impossible, it works everywhere else but just having camfrog open its making the whole computer experience miserable….. I can not “x”, minimize, make bigger cams, click on names because its like im clicking an unclickable zone and just “ignoring” the problem trying to give it time to work by itself messes with everything else to the point i cant use my web browser, click on it, change pages or anything…. camfrog is not on and everything is great and my computer is not even a year old and it has at least 4 gb of ram……



    @ sheeesh_i_forgot

    you says: “…in the other hand can you please do something with the room lag?”

    * Are you complaining on camfrog server or camfrog client actually, anyway? The room lag is almost nothing to with Camfrog, but with your actual windows/linux server (dedicated/VPS one). In other words, the higher spec of the server, the faster room will be running. Use, for example, Processor Quad Core with 1Gbps speed (Monthly traffic depends on your room’s need).

  4. Zoomshorts

    NAGABRAHMAN, you have been a fanboy of the software for a couple of years now. Where were you in the beginning? The service has been going downhill since version 3.94.

    My old room, LadiesChoice, ran perfectly on a Compaq Celeron 600 Mhz.
    Perfectly means I ahd 200 users online for most of the room’s existance.
    Now my upgraded PC, is an IBM ThinkCentre, 3.0 Ghz processor and 4 GB RAM.
    My connection is 20 MB/Sec up and down. Camfrog is lagging and my connection has not changed. How can you even think about saying “Good Job Camfrog”???

    It is not a function of the connection, my connection has not changed. The only thing that has changed is the SOFTWARE. End of story.

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