27 thoughts on “August Short Special Nickname Sale!

  1. Antonio

    Good new prices nick.
    Please read and to respond to emails sent, it also makes it necessary to block users who send room to DDoS attacks.
    I’m tired of sending emails with this problem and do not receive answer, ask your professionalism and collaboration.

    Kind Regards.


    Frog, this is not a popular demand. They need a cheap pro code. πŸ™

  3. X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X

    The DDoS comes to 50% from Server where Roomhoster have rent a Server,,, as sample,,,, Server from Softlayer… its stupid…. but for PALTALK is this not important when room flooding…. you can buy new Room …. yeahhh …. this is only a Problem from the Hosting Companies (cheap)Server, where are the Camfrog Server Software is installing,,,,
    a good Guard with blacklisting hourly updating,,,, more >>>10,000 $ ……….with Cisco Hardware Firewall,,,,, on time is no Server in WWW safetly for an DDoS ,,,,, for 30min is any Server down,,,,,,
    understand ???
    good luck,,,,,,,,,,

  4. 4F_F

    frog, is this just a distraction? we are waiting for your response about the pros 8|

  5. Zoomshorts

    We will be setting our bots to ban any and all special character nicknames.
    We do not need idiots in our rooms.

  6. Antonio

    @ X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X
    Dear friend, the problem is very serious.
    I get DDoS attacks; Juno. CIP, DNS, IRC channels. in every way if the room must be off.
    I’m 100% and I know people who send DDoS attacks.
    They are not afraid of Camfrog, Camfrog why not the Mac Ban.

  7. MadScientist

    There is a very large group of us that are still waiting patiently for Camfrog for Android. When are we going to join the fun?

  8. GaRdEnErS

    soon there have one but admin are testing it and as for ddos get a good server that stop it all frind a good host to host your room,s all report the ip host to the host with all info

  9. CaptManHammer

    DdoS is a server protection problem…. spend the extra money for good protection.. quit being cheap.

  10. Thunder_Struck

    DDOS attacks have hit large sites and if it can be stopped you are dreaming. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google all have been hit. I wish they would at least open a forum for all users new and old. We seem to be the po little bro of paltalk. When it all started we had some great ones. We all helped all in there. The good days are long gone sadly. Anyone remember the Cfrog map FunkyG made with about 15 of us on there?

  11. Zoomshorts

    “FunkyG made with about 15 of us on there?” Timmy came to CF way after we had several thousands of users. Is your memory failing? πŸ˜›

  12. _5L

    hey admin there is away to can got my password back i have my nick name i forget pass of it and i use fake email so what i can doing ?? but my password already save in my pc ..

  13. danny

    Hi, Camfrog Admins

    and we will not give them room name back as they did not pay for there room so i think we underrights thanks again danny

  14. micjacker

    ok we have had enough with this server host(scoobynetworks)very unprofessional,constant reboots,always going offline,he makes him and all his β€œemployees” red in his customers rooms,ive asked nicely if we can have our room name back as we made it in the 1st place,but he is not interested unless we use his server,is this how all server hosts operate?

  15. Also My Pro Code Got Disabled . i need reply asap !

    all gift’s is 100 % original also the pro code i use

    Order ST83904160 this order number for my pro code since 2 years ago .

    also you can check my profile gift’s and u will see it’s original 100 %

  16. insatiable_888


    Few things you neec to look into on your ipad/iphone version
    1.) you need to fix the audio compatibility of your Ipad/Iphone version on the latest version of camfrog server when audio_mode1 is enabled (multiple users on mic). I dont have audio button in the room.
    2.) when are you going to enable video inside the chat room, at least on the ipad which has more powerful cpu.
    3.) is it possible to enable handsfree talking in the room when on the ipad/iphone? My fingers are getting pain pressing the talk button.
    4.) how about enabling colored fonts on the ipad/iphone?

    Thanks and hope you look into these items especially on item #1 asap.

  17. danny


    Please use help desk this blog not used for users being banned also users lossing there pro codes please email helpdesk@camfrog.com
    they will help there thanks

    The admins only deal with bugs on these blogs also new updates ect

  18. MadScientist

    Any chance of putting back the feature to increase the font in the chat window by holding ‘ctrl’ and scrolling the mouse?


  19. _5L

    ..A.. hahahah you got banned πŸ˜€ coz ur fake credit card ur spammer πŸ™‚

    you remember when u laugh at me u said ur every thing orignal now u got diablaed :D:D

    Spammer i wish admin disabled all ur nick !! camfrog not ban anyone without no reason ! send them photo of ur card and confirm all info they need

    your spammer !

  20. _5L


    Please i cannot online my special nickname Trough Camfrog on iPHONE

    there is solve for this problem or it will fixed in new updates ??

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