15 thoughts on “Camfrog and Mac OS X Lion


    Well Done! Keep progressing, Frog! But, you should pay more attention to Camfroggers voices and please make a win-win solution for the sake of Camfrog Republic. You know what I mean.

  2. cacador

    HELLO Good afternoon adm wish someone come and contact me my id iTi_CaCaD0R_iTi

    Thank you.

  3. Luca

    I using Lion from a week… the Camfrog 2.2 was better with Snow, because i have problems at login.
    Now i try to download CF again and delete my current .app .

  4. admin

    Luca, no changes were made with the login system. Login is determined by the network and has nothing to do with the client version or operating system.

  5. mogo

    And when do you release a version for Android Tablet and Mobile ?
    Any plans or roadmap ?

  6. Luca

    It work fine now!

    I just would see the same features of windows client.
    I can’t see the images in rooms, and i think it not be able to see this new colored icons.
    I would hide the “create room” tab with pro, separated favorite rooms and friends, fullscreen, ecc…

  7. Jody Low

    I get a spinngin beachball everytime I try to join a room. Can’t enter the room. Max OSX Lion, 2011 Macbook Air. System hangs, have to force quit the app.

  8. omar

    am using version 2.2 on mac osx lion and it hangs up on video calls, i tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times and still get the same error.
    i have MBP 13 mid 2010 with osx lion

  9. zofo

    Camfrog Mac needs a “Whose Watching” indicator on the video window like the Windows version has, not just in the users list. Also a close all but selected option on the window menu would be good too.

  10. macuser

    Why does the new camfrog client try to login all the saved nicks when we try sign on with any one ?
    I mean if i try to login a nick , my other nick shows it was online at the same time in my profile page … why is this so ???

  11. 1NiGHTMaRE

    sir please add the option to do remote access to private calls with password auto accept for mac 😦 ive asked this so many times but no one says anything lol

  12. macuser

    Admin ,

    You have made changes to the login system , the old version of camfrog is much fater than the new version ,

    Also the new version tries to login all the nicks on the computer when we sign in with any nick…. this doesnt happen on the old version

    wat is the idea behind doing so in new version ….?

  13. Zoomshorts

    Yes, the new server tries to open multiple instances. It is the same over here, click on the server icon and dozens of room names open up. It was not broken, yet they ‘fixed’ it. Typical.

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