14 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 6.0.25 Now Available


    Wow, I must try this one. Hopefully, the “on/off” problem as I’ve reported to you a month ago solved. But, I am waiting for CFS 5.0 updated too. Thanks anyway 🙂

  2. Woot woot nice! *ribbit*

    I hope we can see an update for 5.x too, at least to have feature parity with 6.x, or an added admin webpanel to 6.x for linux hosts to manage room profiles. As it is, if a client registers a room that’s meant for 18+ but placed it in generals, there’s no way to edit it without logging the room in on a windows box.

    @NAGABRAHMAN it seems like ur experiencing DoS attacks if the rooms go on/off



    I tell you the mysterious thing on CFS 6.0 from my side: when a room reached 1500 users, only rooms which bellow 10 users got “on/off”. However, they were not affected as if it was normal inside the “on/off” rooms: no lag and running normally there. But, the “on/off” Pop up was annoying and when getting “off”, the rooms could not be accessed. It was not DDoS. If DDoSed, it was not only the certain rooms affected, but the whole ones on my server would suffered. It seemed like the “energy” of my server totally absorbed for the crowded room only. Note, I never got this prob when using CFS 4.3. Since June 11, I’ve been using CFS 5.0 on my windows server. The “on/off” is still there but not so frequently as CFS 6.0 was. But, the new prob emerges: RUNTIME ERROR again and again. I’ve got 6 times of that prob so far. 🙁

  4. danny

    HI, Camfrog Admins

    i come over problem here i can’t make colors thought the server with this new version could please fix this thanks camfrog

  5. TazFrogCore

    Hello I Have a small Problem would be nice if others could try this and see if its a bug or something

    Basicly when trying to register a room name after clicking register is comes up with turn your server off to reg a room when its already off i replaced the web panel with a fresh one and still the same thing

    I did not have this problem in 6.0.21

    can you please look into this ASAP thanks

  6. rommel

    my rooms are not connecting now… im getting this error..

    [2011/07/26 23:26:27] Central Server: connecting room S4___06___SECTOR___97___S4…
    [2011/07/26 23:26:28] Central Server: authorization failed

    does anybody have any ideas??

  7. LinuxAdmin

    I am hosting a Camfrog Room which is running on a Linux Cent OS machine, and is running the latest camfrog server software(camfrogserver-6.0-10) and bot software (camfrogbot-5.1-7)

    Many of my room users running windows client are complaining that , whenever they enter room and try to view cams or adjust volume , they get camfrog error and the windows client hangs and they go offline

    Is this problem or bug with the Camfrog Linux server version software or does it happen on Camfron Windows hosted room .Because of the error they are not only disconnected from room they are completely offline

    Is this problem seen on Windows hosted room or other linux hosted rooms … or have i misconfigured my software ? pls help

  8. Normal

    hello camfrog i alredy use this version but when i open more than one room and join bots in version 3.94 cant join i just can join one bot only and it join after i off all rooms and leave only one room online why this really bad thing in this version

  9. ribbit, is it possible to put a block on a chinese link that is constantly being sent to me and my users when we not on privacy? ty

  10. Make server 6 as server 5 pls, since 5 server do not need remote desktop, because it can directly from the PC, and another one that I want to ask the same camfrog BOT can reply, namely: the newest remote could also later on from the PC as a server 5

    translete from google 🙂

  11. Old_bayron

    User nickname status (owner, opplus, operator, friend, user) on userlist Similar as gold and black icon.

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