New Camfrog Client 6.1.136 (Windows) Released!

Today we have released a brand new Windows Camfrog client with some great new features.

One fun new feature is the ability for the most gifted users and rooms in any zone to have unique and cool icons.  The number one most gifted user and room in every zone gets a special black icon and the other top 5 most gifted users and rooms receive a gold user icon.  Please note you must have this new client version installed to see the cool new icons via the contact list, instant message windows, and in rooms.

This Camfrog client update also has new customizable hot keys, a newly designed history system with instant search, an update where Windows 7 users can right click their Camfrog icon to change their status in the task bar, now all users should see performance improvements, and  if you have a virus scanner installed Camfrog will do a virus check of any files you download via Camfrog!  Please note that you should still never accept files from strangers.

Click the link below to upgrade to Camfrog version 6.1.136 and try out these fun new features for yourself.

Get Camfrog 6.1.136 (Windows) now!


84 thoughts on “New Camfrog Client 6.1.136 (Windows) Released!

  1. pat

    so basically the more gifts you buy or someone buys for you get the special icon..and some and Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

  2. Lets

    i saw a buggie in im window. others im in normal font format (black and little size). please fix this in next update 🙂

  3. _5L

    I Like itttttttttttttt so much really great work

    but what about number beside nickname 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 what that mean admin ???

  4. admin

    The number shows your rank in the list of top gifted users, so if you are 3 it means you are 3rd in your zone for most gifted user or room.


    Frog, I’ve tried this version since yesterday and I say: THIS VERSION IS PERFECT. I found no problem there (except my kermit 6.08 can’t run in this new client version. lol). The best things are: (1) The volume indicator is still running when someone taking mic while h/she is on “mute mode”; (2) IM history system makes anyone easier to “copy-paste” the whole text records and (3) The hot Keys. Well done, Frog! 🙂

  6. FamilyGirl

    I like the new one but there is still no time stamps in the room and IMs for each message like there was for 5.5 and below. I really liked the times stamps and would like them back.

  7. admin

    You can set timestamp to work on every message, or on groups of messages by going to the Settings window, and choosing the “IM & Chat” settings tab.

  8. Old_Bayron

    I Like it great work

    Please note you must have this new client version installed to see the cool new icons via the contact list, instant message windows, and in rooms.

    in room not appear special black icon and the other top 5 most gifted users gold icon

  9. baybottom

    Thanks in advance for kindly posting this comment. As a part of camfrog 6.0 build 111 I was able to put html code to adverts into the bot and post in the chatroom (ie marquee etc…). Furthermore I was able to display pics and animated gif’s etc… in the topic motd to dosplay in the room when entering. THIS WAS FUN AND CREATIVE AND MANY OF MY FRIENDS WORKED HOURS CREATING EXITING PICS TO DISPLAY.

  10. tucholsky

    New Version is very Nice but please “add” the Support in Motd for Embedded Html Codes back .. we all missed it 🙂

  11. lol , its look funny,
    Gifts Top
    1 : black
    2 : gold
    3 : gold
    4 : gold
    5 : gold
    no pink user 😦
    i like pink . hahaha,
    by the way its just be a good time when you realease this 6.1 everything is
    i think i already back in 5.5 version :D,
    but i still confused combination join room with room list,
    i hope camfrog will disparate join room with room list for the next update,

  12. Lazlo

    I agree with Baybottom, it has become typical of camfrog with it’s, so called upgrades, more like down grades. I dread to think what else camfrog will take away.
    So how many of you guys still drop out of a room because you clicked the wrong X. To have the room linked to user lists was probably the stupidest thing possible.

  13. Fairinspector

    I agree with Baybotton. It seem every build takes another usefull or interesting feature out of Camfrog. I think I, and many many many users would love Camshare if it dropped ALL 6 versions and restored 5.5.241 even if it is called Camfrog 7

  14. no more html coding in 6.1 version ,
    baybottom need a answer from admin
    @admin , do you want to say something about html ??
    at least you tell us what going on in new version html disable,
    because all people like to use picture at wall room , topic room and .etc

  15. SounderStanding

    Ok, looking good, fixed the hands free – is now sticky, good job!
    The dark skins and new patterns and hotkeys, and new history, all excellent!

    The removing of exploits that had the potential to be awesome features with the correct moderation approach (server parsing) = a step backwards.
    A few people get to ruin the fun for everyone????

    Hopefully you get around to making same sticky behavior for cam sorting, wherever the first cam (your video) is placed it stays there and rest line up after it.
    Still have 2 audio issues to address.

    The mixing of the two audio channels into 1, as it is , you can at least mix them properly, the right channel is all people hear. This is a huge ghost problem for live music rooms.
    Either that or strive for STEREO, … lol that’ll be the day………

    And please make same Default DirectSound Device setting for the Audio Recording device menu as your have for playback.

    Thank you.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. Lazlo

    FamilyGirl, I agree with you and don’t be misled by Admin, there is NO TIMESTAMP in the room and only sporadically in IM, so no way near the timestamp you and I were used to.

  17. @FamilyGirl , i also agree , still no have time stamps in room , the time stamps only work at ‘IM USER’ , but in room i did’nt see button for time stamps active, time stamps the way can see how many sec we write abc in room , its really important, please fix camfrog

  18. my bad i not check at all the setting , i solve my problem about time stamp in room , i already got the time stamps room , thank for someone person contact me in camfrog tell about time stamp setting in room ~ done

  19. Lets

    i think developer team can put pic’s url for users who wanna show pic in room 🙂

  20. L1l_PeaNuT

    Once again, kermit is not working with this client. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.Thank you for your time and efforts as they are always, greatly appreciated.

  21. Heather

    New and old Version is not work… i can’t get it back way it was. it been work fine until i download new version then it not work then i download old version and it not work now. i try to find what wrong with it.. i cannot find any.

  22. new topic hot out from camfrogger user
    they dont want download the new version,
    because can’t see picture at topic and wall room motd,
    Admin, i think you must make html coding for camfrog
    so people can see picture at the wall room motd and topic
    Admin, you must take care about camfrogger user,
    what they want , they will need it,
    this is the way make many people will join camfrog,
    next fix please active the html coding ,

    @Support from Malaysia Camfrogger

  23. Kenny420

    Thank you Camfrog for removing the HTML coding and bringing back timestamps in the room. Working great so far.


  24. gajebo99

    This version cant read marque format 😦
    please fixed it in next update. TY

  25. wolfie35p

    i keep getting kicked out of camfrog when i try to IM someone which is a complete pain. i have sent messages to camfrog helpdesk with no reply, which i think is ignorant, i have windows 7 with new camfrog, never had this problem before until i formatted my hard drive 2 weeks ago. somebody help me

  26. @wolfie35p
    i dont get kick when i try IM someone
    i’m using window7 with new camfrog v6.1 everything gonna be fine,
    how you get kick when try IM someone?
    camfrog automatic exit or you get kick and your login ID loading ?



    I found the same issue as yours. Suddenly ‘disconnected’ when receiving IM and/or vice versa, right? 😉 You can send “debug logs” to They will contact you through email. Good luck!

  28. kane

    hey camfrog,

    is there any chance you could add an option for visual impaired users,
    because like you had in 5.5.241 hidden feature, hold ctrl and roll the middle roller ball forward to make the room text and the IM text bigger.

    if possible could you put that feature back in your next release


  29. MainOwner

    There is one user in particular, that i cannot IM without my camfrog 6.1 completely freezing, requiring me to kill with task manager.

    The really interesting thing, is that the particular user that i am having this problem with (just one user, and with only one of the ids they use), is having the exact same problem with my ID as well

    Neither of us can display the other’s IM window without camfrog freezing.

  30. MainOwner

    *) used to display the same emoticion as 8) did

    In 6.1 that’s no longer the case, and *) doesn’t expand to any emoticon now

  31. Cha

    wolfie35p , that bot bug , but problem in your windows, but i have solution u can edit Virtual RAM in ” Advanced system setting ”

    Click Performance ==> Setting == > Change ” Virtual memory ” 2 – 4 x your DDR RAM ”

    Just Tip and trick

  32. need to b fixed
    * font in IM Window even after changing it, other receive IMs in normal black font.
    * Seperated Room list and Chatrooms with (optional tabs)
    so that users not get off from the room by always clicking wrong windows
    and viewing more than one room user list shows up same users of other
    room, the whole window blinks while changing room user list, joining,
    clicking other room list etc..
    * IM History (No time & dates)??
    * Search for camfrog users option in the main window not working..

    Hope it will be fixed in the next version soon.

  33. _abelizan_

    there something strange with my camfrog 6.. i kept sign out automatically when someone sent me instant messages.. >> ” camfrog video has stop working” << any suggestions ?

  34. ron

    admin please help me i buy vg 120 points but it appears just 60 points but in my profile is diamond please help here is my id

    cf id = KJ6T

    tnx more power





    You should issue the new policy first, than take action, not vice-versa. What you’ve done is exactly not wise and contradictory against the “fair play”. You just took an ultra-revolutionary movement for Camfrog Society by forcing people to purchase $49,95 pro code. The policy itself is a big problem, but launching the action without notice is the biggest one. Where is the spirit of Democracy? Note, you’ve been “launching” an extra TOS for a year in ASIA by banning 18+ rooms just because of the “porno-action” which is not mentioned in your General TOS. I am very regretful of this thing!!!!


  36. eddy

    and please fix your payment processor which cause me a pain when do some transaction buying vg ..all transaction is not authorized ! … funny…

    everytime want to buy vg then need to sent email to get payment link .. which is not automated ..

    cleverbridge is not an reliable one because even using credicard still got not authorized while when i check with bank my card is fine .

    camfrog please pay attention to this kind of important matter please?

  37. Mattey

    So you stop none pro users watching for more than 20 seconds, But you won’t do anything about the constant flooding of servers disrupting chatting. I think Camfrog need to get their priorities right first.

    How can you charge for something that is being flooded offline all the time? I knew this would eventually happen though seeing as it is now basically Paltalk :/

  38. @NAGABRAHMAN , i agree with you

    @Frog, Application name Camfrog , please do not make like palktalk application , like we know camfrog no longger so you take camfrog , but please not making the same like yours application, no member will join , you take this moment for take money from us to buy anything , oh god , you make money to much , if you making like this , no one will join camfrog , you just wait and see ~ if you care about this , please change everything you did to us ~ its really bad we know if you do like this

    thanks in advance for kindly posting this comment

    By Haziq



    The new policy (no pro, no view cam) IS for 18+ rooms only. For those who joining in General rooms are still able to view cam.


    Many 18+ rooms will move to General. Of course this violate the TOS and will be banned. But, for them, what is the different? They have been banned again and again in 18+ zone since May 2010, so they would think like this: “for the sake of non pro users we have to move to General”. This already took place in Philippines. What do you think about my analysis, Frog?


    Stop banning action in 18+ for the sake of “rule of the game” and Camfrog TOS.

  40. roberto

    with new version, in filipino zone free camfrog users cant view webcams more than 5 seconds in +18 plus rooms. is it bug or new camfrog rules.

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