15 thoughts on “NEW Special Nicknames for Rooms!

  1. ZYL


    mending gue buat modal bini ….. jancok


    Only stupid ones would try this idea at 18+ Asia, Philippines, and Thailand. Banning actions is so rampant in past couple weeks. Room names looked like a mini series: XxX_bla_bla_bla_101_xXx; XxX_bla_bla_bla_102_xXx; XxX_bla_bla_bla_103_xXx. Lols. This “development” is only happened in Asia, where Camfrog put “additional yet unwritten TOS”. This policy, to be honest, is still mysterious to me. I got Master of Art already, but even a first year of undergraduate students will absolutely confuse about this unfair yet illogical policy. There are administrative actions (read:banning), but there is no single “Bill” on your General TOS mentions about “NO Boobs and/or Pussy show in 18+ Asia”. Did you LOL when looking at your ban list database? Hundreds room names which are STILL the same, right? Lols. So, please STOP this unfair actions and disciplinize your “TOS apparatuses” there NOW!


  3. _Jackie_Chen_

    Single character nicks like $ @ * are $2,999.
    Double character nicks are $1,999.
    Triple are $999.
    Any other combination are $99.

    and if room is banned like mentionned…need to buy again????
    This is not clear

    Sincerely Yours,

  4. eddy

    stupid idea , should clear up your payment method firs… then try launch another product. Room banning is everywhere.. yet now try to lure people to buy with wow price on room id ..

    great job… you guys should put your effort on finding good payment processor first mate then next think on how to wrote a good TOS and stick with the plan..in the TOS

  5. pat

    I think It’s Cool the Special Nicknames don’t know what the f** you all talking about i brought 1 and is working on a room and bot πŸ˜›

  6. Cha


    @ Camfrog is The Best multimedia chat πŸ˜›

    Nice Job

    GODBless U Team Camfrog

  7. really hard sometime want login nickname special,
    when login the special nick its said “Error: Invalid nickname or password”
    but you can solve it with using pro user,
    when your camfrog pro client user already been active,
    you can get successfully login special nickname with nothing error,
    so who going to buy special nick make sure you buy camfrog pro client user first.

    Price :
    Single character nicks like $ @ * are $2,999.
    Double character nicks are $1,999.
    Triple are $999.
    Any other combination are $99.

    Camfrog Video Chat Pro (Windows XP, Vista, 7) $49.95
    One year subscription – View multiple large video windows

    Nice Combination Special Nick Room & User,
    I Hope Next Camfrog Will Update Bot Special Nickname,
    Thank For Release The Room Special Nickname,
    Great Job Camfrog

    Write By @Protecting

  8. *Add some features to special character nick holders.*

    Just looks of id doesn’t attract peoples to get such special character id, if there is extra features with that, it will be reasonable for them to get a special character nick.

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