Black or Gold user & room icons

Would you like to have a unique black or gold icon for your room or user nickname?  The black and gold special icons are reserved for the top 5 most gifted rooms and users in every zone.  The top gifted rooms in every zone also appear at the top of the video chat room list.  Black and gold icons show up in user instant messages, room lists, and contact lists.  Please note you must be using one of the newer clients to view the new icons.

To get a black or gold user/room icon collect as many virtual gift points as possible.  There can be only one user and room with a black icon per zone!

Do you have ideas for other colored user icons or nicknames?  Please let us know.

Camfrog Virtual Gifts

Camfrog Client 6.1.138 (Windows) Released!

Camfrog Client 6.1.138 is now available for download.

This new Windows client version has many bug fixes, including a bug where the user directory icon did not open our user directory for some users.  Some users also reported a problem where receiving an IM could cause them to crash and this update seems to solve that problem.

Download Camfrog 6.1.138 (Windows)

Update: IM HISTORY – Some users think their IM history was deleted with the new Windows client release but they are mistaken.  In the IM History window use the pull-down menu at the bottom left and choose “show last month” or another option to see older IM history.  Please note that showing all IM history may slow down your client and make it start and exit slower.

New Bot Special Nicknames!

Now it’s possible to get a special nickname with special characters like #, $, %, @_@, and more for your Camfrog Bot.  Special nicknames used to only be available for rooms and users, but now Camfrog Bots have the option.

Visit the Camfrog Special Nickname page and use the pull-down menu on the right side to choose a Bot special nickname.  Be sure you’re using the most recent Bot software to logon.

Get a Camfrog Special Nickname

Video Changes on Camfrog

Dear Camfrog Members,

Our goal has always been to provide a quality video chat platform that is easy to use and safe for all our visitors.   We want Camfrog to be the place that people go to discuss their interests, meet new people and connect with old friends.

For Camfrog to be a well-lit and safe place for users of all ages, we are required to limit video streams in the 18+ category for unpaid members.   By requiring credit card verification, we are taking an important step in ensuring that mature content is viewed only by those 18 and older.

Current Camfrog Pro subscribers will not be affected and will continue to get unlimited video in all categories.  Unpaid users will need to upgrade to Camfrog Pro to see webcam video in the 18+ category.

Please Note: This does not impact the General, Deaf and Camfrog categories – unpaid users will still have access to unlimited viewing of 1 free video window.

New Camfrog Client 6.1.136 (Windows) Released!

Today we have released a brand new Windows Camfrog client with some great new features.

One fun new feature is the ability for the most gifted users and rooms in any zone to have unique and cool icons.  The number one most gifted user and room in every zone gets a special black icon and the other top 5 most gifted users and rooms receive a gold user icon.  Please note you must have this new client version installed to see the cool new icons via the contact list, instant message windows, and in rooms.

This Camfrog client update also has new customizable hot keys, a newly designed history system with instant search, an update where Windows 7 users can right click their Camfrog icon to change their status in the task bar, now all users should see performance improvements, and  if you have a virus scanner installed Camfrog will do a virus check of any files you download via Camfrog!  Please note that you should still never accept files from strangers.

Click the link below to upgrade to Camfrog version 6.1.136 and try out these fun new features for yourself.

Get Camfrog 6.1.136 (Windows) now!

Camfrog July World Travel Virtual Gifts

Camfrog July virtual gifts are finally here with double points!  Our July gifts celebrate summer travel world-wide.  If you’re celebrating July 4th then try our American button.  We also have a Chinese fan, a Dia de las Muertos gift from Mexico, a Viking Helmet, and a Russian Matryoshka.

July Virtual Gifts:  American Button, Chinese Fan x2, Dia de las Muertos, Viking Helmet x2, Russian Matryoshka x2