Camfrog 2.1.3 for iPhone & iPad released!

Camfrog for iPad and iPhone/iPod have just been updated to version 2.1.3!  This new version of Camfrog for iOS allows users to experience our new audio modes in rooms, adds the ability to use special Camfrog nicknames, and also allows users to send each other virtual gifts within the iOS application.

Get the newest Camfrog for iPhone/iPod and iPad now!

28 thoughts on “Camfrog 2.1.3 for iPhone & iPad released!

  1. PaPiCo

    Special nickname still cannot signin in like you mention in the change list
    Within the Setting menu It still show as version 2.1.2
    also tried delete and reinstall the app but result still the same

  2. candian_aszhole

    you should fix the other things b4 u start new things For the last week or so whenever I get a private IM (whether I get one or send one. It crashes my camfrog. I tried uninstalling, then re-installing camfrog, including deleting all the associating files, and that didnt work. Then I tried uninstalling and re-installing . I have sent multiple camfrog crash reports and still nothing plz help and fix the problem or someone can email me at and tell me what to do camfrog has changed since 2003 to many hackers and new scripts and stuff i have win 7 i also have camfrog 6.0 111 FIX THE GOD DAMN PROBLEMS IM SICK OF THIS CRAP CF CRASHING EVERY TIME SOMEONE IM’S ME OR I IM SOMEONE FROM A ROOM

  3. macuser

    i have updated my IPad with the latest CF, i read on the special nickname page that to login with special nickname requires a pro code , but the IPad users dont appear to be as a pro user in the room (nickname is not bold). will it work still.
    It woud have been better if Ipad users nicks appear as bold in room as other normal pro users. cause we have also paid for the software and its not a free version

  4. macuser

    i downloaded the IPad cf latest version. the nickname doesnot appear bold in rooms.
    You guys should think of making the nicknames bold for IPAD users

  5. Old_Bayron

    Audio mode ‘Hear all visible users’ not work pls add multi video streaming in room

  6. Hey !

    I Had problem trying to login with my id from iphone

    please check the print screen and tell me how can i report or fix that !

    and don’t tell me send to

    u never answer
    please check the print screen


    This new version of Camfrog for iOS allows users to experience our new audio modes in rooms <—————-WRONG!

  8. Insatiable


    Im having problems logging my special character ID with the new ipad and iphone version.
    The error is “operation failed” and cannot login in at all.
    Same issue for both ipad 2 and iphone 4

    Pls investigate

  9. tucholsky

    when version for android comes out ? over 4 million smartphones online with android 😦

  10. Old_Bayron

    Version on itunes store is 2.1.2 on join

    you are using old version of camfrog video chat. Please upgrade to hear or talk in this room

  11. @MadScientist

    Camfrog admin has said before on the blog they work on it and when they had exact time they will notice you on the blog .

  12. macuser

    what has the admin to say about making the nicknames fro IPAD users bold in rooms as normal pro user ???????

  13. Old_Bayron

    have just been updated to version 2.1.3!

    Whats this???? on itunes app sore is avaiable only 2.1.2 version

    thats bad!!

  14. @macuser

    Just wait and camfrog will notice all about the new ! as like all time

    just stay turn on 😛

    enjoy your time

  15. Old_Bayron

    checked again it’s already shown 2.1.3 but when install app is 2.1.2

  16. Old_Bayron

    when connect Bluetooth audio and mic not work please add Bluetooth support to headset!

  17. MadScientist

    Just ordered my Droid 3 with the front facing cam and slide out keyboard. Paltalk is pretty friggin cool on droid, but alas, Paltalk su*ks.

    Let’s hear from you guys that want to see that Droid app released!


  18. Old_Bayron

    In order to camfrog video chat push notification service when dispalys an image/number on the application received message is possible to add an alerts dispaly on the screen message and not only for received call but for all message in?

    thank you

  19. Old_bayron

    Camfrog is unable to connect to the audio streams in this room. Please check your network settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.

    This appear on all cloud room pls check

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