Get a special Camfrog nickname like $, &, :), and more!

Now you can get a special Camfrog long or short nickname with special characters like $, *, #, and many more.  Visit the Camfrog Special Nickname page to buy a special nickname and begin using it immediately.

Currently special nicknames only work with Camfrog client, but if they become popular we’ll consider special nicknames for rooms and bots.  Camfrog special nicknames also require Camfrog Pro to sign on.

With Camfrog special nicknames you can be creative and make fun emoticons like 8| 8( 8P and many more.  You can also have a cool nickname with your email address like

Check the Camfrog nickname sales page and grab your name before it gets taken by someone else!

Buy a Camfrog Special Nickname!



60 thoughts on “Get a special Camfrog nickname like $, &, :), and more!

  1. _5L

    wow i got the price it’s too expensivce but good offer i think camfrog will be Have more surprise for all users great workkkkk really

    but please Admins help who lose his id same me without no reason we need admin answer us and have solve for our problem at less talk with us and give reason for ban nicknames ..

  2. DeathCabCutie

    Let me know if you sell even one of this ridicilous overprices attempts on how to get money. We are in a depression ffs. I rather feed the hungry and homeless, then this fake crap.

  3. GaRdEnErS

    too expensivce for a user to report u for tos when u done note wong and then u get ban off that nick if it was 10 pounds for a special characters then u my get loads off us when i see the cast are u letting us know u my not be a road for long as 700 pounds for a cap if it was me i have this @GaRdEnErS and i be happy

  4. danny

    Come on camfrog are you crazy do think ppl going spend this much i think the pro users that had the codes before the new ones came out should get special gift or special add on this crazy what add ons do the pro users get nothing really this all about more money with all the down fall with the money going on this crazy at this time ect please re think about your actions

  5. danny

    Hi camfrog being Thinking about this more this scam i think in my eyes you work out much this would cost in the uk, and then tell us do think we have that money please re look at your list need to come out with something better than special nick names this bang out order, after all the pro codes changes ppl who being on here years we seeing lot changes this takeing the wet out things i think all the camfrog users will be with me on this one, ect

    i think should give the pro users that had there pro codes before the change over should be given some sort of gift keeping camfrog going if was not for us camfrog would not be here in the long run we buy pro codes keep camfrog going and also camfrog server pro codes cheaper going to microsoft asking them for windows server os thanks again danny

  6. GaRdEnErS

    what i like to know is who do u think has that sort off money no server host as and i dont think one user on camfrog will pay out 700+ i have asked 10 server host all sead no way i then asked 100 camfrog user.s and there sead no no no re think the pice to some think that we all can all some off us can afford

  7. SKJ

    Child : Mom, i need 10000 $ now :@
    Mom : For what my child? buy house?
    Child : no
    Mom : Want buy book??
    Child : noo 😐
    Mom : Pay ur school???
    Child : NOOOO.. :@
    Mom : So for what 10000 $ ????
    Child : I want buy nick 8=============o (C)
    Mom : AMAZING :O
    Child : Yeah |)

  8. pat

    camfrog can come up with idea’s like this but can’t figure out how to stop teens in their chatrooms

  9. Lets

    you think how many people have money to spend for these hell nick? after a year we patient your fail service that you ask us for outages. we found you want to make more money on your suck service, right?

    many people quit ..and more soon, me too.


    OMG….. What is going to be happened on Camfrog? The end of 1, 2, or 3 digit IDs? Many ppls think that the 4 digit IDs will raise money, so NOW many of them register hundreds 5 digits IDs with hoping in next coming year they would harvest much amount. Lol. Now, you’ve just introduced an ultra revolutionary “camfrog fashion”. Anyway, how much the price for this nick: (.)(.) ? 🙂


    Frog, I swear with the name of my mother. If you give promo double point (2x 30, 2×20, and 2×10) you will got much more income rather than from that ridiculous idea. Rethink on this and try tomorrow! You will find abundant payment records in Cleverbridge sale database by July 1st. 😉

  12. Nitrostakes

    lol @Protecting ,,, very true thats a lot of amount for just few letters omg :@:@:@

    @Camfrog Admin
    Well if u introduced something new then make it useful for users let them try it without looking at their pockets….

  13. MeHdi

    Wooow this is nicee…. but camfrog should lower the prices it cannot be afforded by many … 4 letters and 3 letters are never worth 1000 $ and 2000$

  14. Zoomshorts

    Wow, another chance to mess something up! Control characters
    are for that use only, not to ‘sell’. Pap or one of his
    subcontractors or worse, Paltalk programmers will make a mistake
    and allow the wrong combination of control characters and that
    will allow normal users gain Super User access. Super Users like
    TOS, Pap or some other hard coded super user. So many ways
    this idea can go wrong. Too many lines of code to check.

  15. _5L

    Who will Buy id with 2000 or 3000 USD and then someone hack it or camfrog ban it Who will back money or help for got ID back ???

    camfrog no help no one for got ID back camfrog only ban and sale nicks 😀

    i think No one enjoy this Nicknames .. !! til camfrog back for help users and have admin answer us and solve our problem .

  16. GaRdEnErS

    Well this new feature did may me laugh. At first, I thought it would be free of charge because well, who would expect to pay for having a special character in your name?

    Then I noticed you had to pay… ok I’m guessing this is going to be a few pounds maybe.

    I tried a nickname… went through the process and saw the total amount came to £766.73 for the nickname $hadow for example. I am only voicing my opinion on this purely because this really has to be a practical joke. Nobody in the right mind if going to pay for this. You should consider the following factors.

    1. Economy crisis going on.
    2. Average monthly wage?

    I mean at this price… that is a typical person’s monthly wage.

    Now I’m no expert at finances but if you think this through logically, nobody will be able to pay for it therefore you will not gain anything. Now if lower the price CONSIDERABLY, then you will no doubt have more success. Please note that I am suggesting maybe $5-$10, no more than that otherwise people will say… “Forget it!”.

    Also about the e-mail as a username… in Camfrog Main room, we don’t allow such thing, so does this mean that you may come into the room with such names or what? Bit of a difficult one that is. Next thing, you will allow people with usernames as their telephone numbers? Whatever next?

    Please don’t think this post is an attack, it is merely a criticism as you can only improve by true criticism…. I felt this post was in need as I nearly fell off my chair laughing and what I read. Yeah, could have fallen and broken my neck!! Now that would be a bummer! LOL Tongue

    PS: Not to mention you NEED CAMFROG PRO to log into such names?! And I don’t mean this is a bad way but… it kind of worries me that Camfrog is so desperate for money….

  17. SKJ

    @ _5L : i like ur sound .. This my nick SKJ have been hacked by others.. camfrog only ban and sale.. no more 😐 just want money money money in his mind

    @ GaRdEnErS : i like ur opinion .. maybe admin economy crisis going on ..
    so what conclusion now ? forget it ?

  18. Aimon

    we just buy 20 mins before a nick and we get receipt with nickname but we cannot login to it after we saw someone using it and hes online it ..gosh why is it?

  19. admin

    Aimon, can you email the helpdesk? It’s very rare but it’s possible someone bought the same nickname at almost the exact same time, we’ll refund your money. Give them your order number and the nickname so we can investigate. Thanks!

  20. Aimon

    Hello admin we just emailed helpdesk abt 20 mins with the subject
    :Reference #23658615: Your Special character Camfrog nickname – Four characters or more order not working‏
    We just contact clever bridge and request them to write you a letter about this issue!!

    I dont understand either why the things goes wrong. We very much wanted this nick and we took long searching a nice one though!!
    Thank you for your qucik concern

  21. GaRdEnErS

    i not be paying out 776 for a nick name but some info for u all it paltalk who have done this as there do this on paltalk and it look.s like there sold some i trhink it mad but if there can do it then there will but we just what go on when there ban the nicks for note

  22. Scarface


    Single character nicks like $ @ * are $3,000.
    Double character nicks are $1000.
    Triple are $500.
    Any other combination are $100.


  23. Frog , i need help , because i cant tranfer any virtual gifts to special nicknames , when i click buy vritual gifts, the website going to stuck , how can i solve this problem ??

  24. admin

    Protecting, can you email the helpdesk the nick that’s having the problem or post it here?

  25. GaRdEnErS

    admin then will there be a android chat and thanks for the new special pricing, due to user requests!

  26. _Jackie_Chen_


    There is a problem with some rooms :
    Disconnected : Wrong nickname! Server accepts standard English characters or numbers only.

    Sincerely Yours,

  27. '$$$'

    Whats this???? you sell nicknames with special characters and i cant join some favourite rooms? thats bad!!

    Disconnected: Wrong nickname! Server accepts standard English characters or numbers only.

  28. admin ,
    day after yesterday i try to tranfer point to special nickname , i’m fail website going stuck,
    but yesterday i try again , i succeed tranfer 30 point virtual gifts to special nickname
    by the way thank for reply admin,
    if i have problem i’ll direct email to
    if i didn’t get answer , i’ll comment on offical camfrog facebook let you know

  29. admin

    $$$ and Jackie,

    A few rooms still use old software but we plan to block these old versions soon so your problem will no longer be an issue. Thanks!

  30. yes i have same problem “Disconnected: Wrong nickname! Server accepts standard English characters or numbers only.”

    some room using old version so i can’t join

    yea good if you plan to block old version , so all people will using new version , and who using special nick can join room .

  31. _Jackie_Chen_


    Yes, thanks…I think camfrog need real update of same version of all softwares! now it is a good thing to block old versions for all people have same thing!

    you work in this way is good…

  32. Old_Bayron

    Check user profile with new nick name old name are wrong
    Online Friends (2)
    nick�¦ nick�¦

    on iphone version not appear online Friend when see user profile check
    Online Friends
    list is empty

  33. _5L

    A topic can hack you : SWF on topic ( the swf contain getURL(“http://…….”,_blank) and this website contain exploite internet explorer ) (so the topic will open a trojan website

    So take care guys ..

  34. Insatiable


    When are you going to release ipad & iphone version compatible of accepting such special characters?
    You should plan properly that before you offer this feature you have to make sure your other platforms support it.
    I have iphone & ipad but how can i use?

    Please act fast


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