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    @The Blue Spirit,
    I think you got problem with your internet connection. A user from Kuala Lumpur also got that prob. But she just got that thing only in certain rooms. She then changed the modem + internet provider and back to normal. My advice, you better make a “debugs Logs” and send to support@camfrog.com. They will respond you, if they think your prob has to do with camfrog client (CFC 6.0), however.

  2. Sup

    I just did what DTA_Attitude said and its fixed! No more errors and crushs anymore! Just updated my IE to IE 9 and now everything is okay!

    Thank you so much DTA_Attitude!

    C yall around frogers!

  3. Aeg_Th

    I have needs. Want to make your team. Program for the operating system android / camfrog for android mobile, I saw that today many people use the android, and I will be using the system work for android as well as to develop camfrog for android mobile. Thank you very much.

  4. Naga

    camfrog 6.0 too much crash time
    it said sont send error etc…….
    everytime everyminute
    my friend also happend like that

  5. rx

    why i cant invite user when the user didint add me theres no link its difficult to invite user when no link some times we have a games in room and we need to invite user also the new user so we need to im or send link to their so the use can easyly enter to the room coz more user more happy to have a game so the new user will enjoy the firstime they enter camfrog pls bring back the link dont change everything in camfrog!you kill our roomwhen you do that you kill our happiness when you got change anything in camfrog just improve server connection dont change the one that we enjoying in camfrog things dont ignore this messege pls make action as soon aspossible thanks for listening

  6. smokenbuds

    since new dl 6. i can not log into my account as well i cant delete all of cam frog to reinstall. ive sent emails to tech and left comments on the “what can make cf better” part when you uninstall it. i got no responce from any of it! so what gives and when are you going to fix the program??? when are you going to respond to the tech e-mails??? do you even cair about me as a custamer???

  7. Dave

    Room list as a tab is very unfriendly. Im in my room, want to check the list so I click the little house and it just tabs over to room list. All the cams are now in the way and have to be minimized or moved around to access the info. The 5.5 system where a window popped up “on top” was a much better way to go.

    Also I mentioned before, in another thread, regarding a bot issue. Never got a response. Why do the new bots not try to reconnect to their rooms after a room crash and/or reset? Old bot3.9 would keep trying. New bot tries once and displays an error. Too many times I come home from work to discover the bot has been offline for hours, or wake up to find its been offline all night. No bot = empty room. Empty room = Owner questioning why he is paying server rental. I can only guess that you did this so if CF goes down and up again, all the bots are not bombarding the severs at once trying to connect. What about creating a time delay to ease the load? Lets make the bot a little less high maintenance and more reliable.

  8. Hi all, can you help? I have a different problem altogether. With version 6 i dont see anymore scrolling texts of the chat rooms. My cam works, i can view all others and i have IE8 and i dont get kiked out. Does anyone know how i can see scrolling text again???

  9. Alice

    With the forced upgrade from version 5.5 to version 6.0.111, I noticed that the quality of my outgoing video has decreased and now my camera quality is stretched vertically.

    I used a standard netbook (HP Mini) with a 2 MP fixed webcam. With the old version of CamFrog, my outgoing video was “true-to-size”– there would be a blank/black bar left at the top and bottom of my cam screen. However, with the recent upgrade, my camera is now “stretched to fit” a certain video size constraint that the developers have set. Is there any way you can fix this issue? Or perhaps, have an option under video settings that I can uncheck so that there is no forced size for my outgoing video. Any feedback would be great.

  10. joe_lumut

    i just wanna ask,
    when camfrog give android comunity for the apps..
    we only found camfrog only work at mobile windows IPAD & IPHONE.


  11. Nick

    I have the same problem Alice has, the quality of my outgoing video has decreased and now my camera quality is stretched vertically. This problem only with HD webcam, with a normal webcam is ok. pls help. thx

  12. admin

    Nick and Alice, mouse over your local video and unclick the HD button.

  13. Dave

    People have discovered how to make their text scroll across the main chat room…anyone see how it screws up the logs? We need a fix here.

  14. Nick

    Thx Admin, but pls help me, i dont find the HDbutton. I only find webcam auto-organizing and resize options. thx for answer.

  15. Another Frogger

    Every update is pray to see ‘cam loading location’ memory returned to the program… and every update i’m let down. For people with multiple screen setups, the automatic memory of where people’s cams loaded in a room was a life saver. Now every time I enter a room and start opening cams, I have to manually drag them to my other screen… every time… again… and again… and again. Why this feature was lost in the update I have no clue, but i’d trade every single feature of 6.0 ( including HD cams ) to have it back.
    When camfrog? When will you stop gutting good things?!

  16. Canadian_Aszhole

    For the last week or so whenever I get a private IM (whether I get one or send one. It crashes my camfrog. I tried uninstalling, then re-installing camfrog, including deleting all the associating files, and that didnt work. Then I tried uninstalling and re-installing . I have sent multiple camfrog crash reports and still nothing plz help and fix the problem or someone can email me at rooster_in_blue@hotmail.com and tell me what to do camfrog has changed since 2003 to many hackers and new scripts and stuff



    The Canadian_Aszhole case must be put into your account. I found many cases on that thing. Even, a friend of mine has to “PV” (private) his nick to avoid any IM coz whenever receiving an IM from anybody, his Camfrog got suddenly ‘crashed’. This case is so weird.

  18. MARCO

    I ve installed camfrog toolbar but locate user doesn’t work anymore….are you fixing it???

  19. Dave

    Are there any plans to re-instate the proper time-stamp option. The time-stamp option at the moment is next to useless.

  20. kane

    would there be any chance of having the old Timestamps system back in please.
    Also possibly the hidden feature in 5.5.241 of having to hold ctrl and rolling your mouse ball forwards or backwards to make the text in rooms bigger, to help the blind and impaired

  21. Harry

    Spelling mistake. Open room – open cam – right click on cam – Actions – Add as friend – “Friend” is spelt wrong

  22. CaptManHammer

    Ok… with this update people have learned to use html code to put pictures and music in rooms. This is highly annoying. Please fix this issue.

    And on another note. Any timeframe on droid? People are getting anxious

  23. Kasim

    Thank you for this great release but i hope you add export friend and room list to external file and import them to another nickname anytime
    so when we lose a nickname we dont lose friends and rooms too

    this will be great with camfrog

    thank you camfrog team <3

  24. Dave

    I have 2 ID’s. Let’s call them 1 and 2. I logged in at 9am this morning using ID 1 and I have not used ID 2 at all today. Why do the profiles for BOTH ID’s show that I was logged in at 9am this morning when I was only logged in on one ID?
    And how do I stop this from happening?

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