28 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 6.0.110 (Windows) Released

  1. Susie Rachinskas

    I sure do miss the time stamp in the rooms. It used to show with every line typed in message boxes to. Now its only when theres a pause in conversation, it updates when resuming. The rooms have no time stamping at all.

  2. You desperately need mute button’s’ for multi-mic mode, and notifications of when look to listen audio mode is on. Until ten I doubt anyone is gunna be able to safely make use of them.

    Also, still waiting for the very simple integration of the old cfx font color changer…. It’s already made, no excuse not to implement it into camfrog, as I know you have implemented other iceteam ideas in the past, and to accompany this, a custom skin color chooser (maybe pro feature?).

    I also noticed when broadcasting HD in a Private Call, the video gets very “clumpy” for lack of better terms, may be due to my upstream bandwidth, but don’t have this problem in with other HD Video chat applications.
    You might want to look into the summing process of audio channels, I know camfrog accepts 2 channels and sums it into one mono, but on the output side, one of the summed channels comes through very low or missing when playing tracks with audible stereo properties.
    Or you could just implement stereo sound already….
    I know it’s possible! I challenge ya’ll to achieve it.
    Or at least make it an option, if it effects the video frame rate. I know user bandwidth becomes an issue, so try to find a balance.

    Now, last but not least, save the “your video” window position on screen – for the love of god, when I put my video window somewhere, I want it to stay there until my computer dies. Same with Hands free/Push to talk toggle and paused video toggle > They all need to stay where we set them!!!
    I am surprised there are so many small still unaddressed issues like that.
    If dunno why your dev team refuses to address those critical small issues.
    It isn’t rocket science -it’s logic.
    And please don’t forget about timestamps! and the frog feed….?

    Myself along with MANY users will be surprised but appreciative if even one of these issues are addressed anytime soon. Is a little creativity and inspiration to much to ask for?


    Good News, Frog. I’ve upgraded into this version and faced no sound problem at all. Ppls can hear my music when I take mic now. 🙂 Moreover, my kermit works in this version without “running as administrator”. Well done!

  4. Andy

    There is still problem with the webcam preview window when using the latest Logitech Quickcam software.

    The video is being stretched out and does not appear correctly.

    This is NOT an issue when using the webcam wih other softwares (MSN, Skype, etc) but only Camfrog. Any solution to this? It’s very frustrating since the Logitech sofware updated provides new feature and better camera quality in general.

    Thanks for fixing the sound problem with this version!

  5. Oh and 2 other important things too address:

    1. A ignore list remembers who you ignore!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. A new block method, so that when you block someone, they cannot view your cam in room – this way you don’t have to pause.. to avoid pervs. And everyone else who you still want too be able to view you.. can!

  6. Doug

    All these camfrog windows version updates are great but how about a mac update? Seriously 6.0 has been out for a while now while we are using the same mac version that was released back in October?

  7. kerry

    ive just downloaded the 6.0 but its awful im lagging as soon as ive logged on, when i open cams and i go to receive an im my cams all light up red ans start flashing till i have to close out of camfrog, ive just downloaded it, ive been using 5.5 and had not 1 issue never had these problems yet i download 6.0 and ive had it not even 24 hours and im experiencing big problems already

  8. MrL

    Camfrog NO LONGER allows you to sort the room user list in male/female apparently you can but tried several times but cant do it. Used to be simples

  9. Ja_brik

    dear frog,

    nice job with this new verson, but there’s something missing features that I’m always used it :

    1. there’s no sound bar while I’m take mic, which make me dont know if my sound has good enough or not
    2. nothing time stamp in chat room, which I used to know the times peoples talked to me when away. Theres time stamp option in setting which I had checked, but it’s still not appear in my chat room ( IM too ).

    Thanx for the attention and may there’s will more fixes at next time 🙂

  10. PANTRO2130

    why you warning to upgrade to 6.0110 , you know why most of the user are using 5.5.241? becouse v 6 sucks i am tired of upgrading to v6……. and still with all the bugs and cam problems 5.5.241 is the best version i have ever tried

  11. FF Customer

    Sorry to post an out of thread topic.

    Just wanted to know, if there are any customers of Frogfriendhosting here and if their rooms are up. My room is down from a month and all my attempts to contact them have failed. Just wanted to know is it just my room, or any of their other customers also facing this issue.

    Anyone help ?

    Thanks and sorry for posting an out of thread question.


    @FF customer. I got the issue relating on the hosting last year. But they finally refunded me after a week in frustrating situation. Hope u got your amount refunded soon.

  13. rawrrrz

    Forced to upgrade, ew..

    My main two complaints right now are the mic and the tabbed room windows..
    I want to be able to disable the tabbed room room list in the same window thing and have seperate windows for them, and I want a checkbox for hands free mic again..

    The rest, I can deal with.. Although I liked the old room list better, as well.. that giant ‘load more’ button at the bottom seems like it’s showing less rooms for the space available on the screen than the nextback links did.

  14. rawrrrz

    Also, I want options to sort users in the room by namegenderage again, rather than only alphabetically.

    And sorry for the double post, but I just now noticed that.

  15. CLEVER

    Anobody there could help me fix my camfrog:(:( i couldn’t log… there’s a windows asking me to enter manually the pasword of my old id which has been hacked 2 months ago.. that’s my major problem with version 6…. ver 5 is cool but it is outdated 🙁 HELP!!! PLEASE :(:(:(!

  16. Harry

    Version 6.0.111

    The latest version isn’t warning you when you try and add a new room/friend and your list is full. It just pretends to add the new user/friend but in reality doesn’t.

  17. Joe Dalton

    I don´t get the idea of downgrading functionality in cf.. did you loose your source code or what? In addition to the now missing sort options, I also found it weird why adding contacts now needs to be done via the menus and not just a simple click on the application next to Room List where it used to be. And then there´s the refresh functionality of the room and user lists.. it could be done with F5 before but now I need to click a button with the mouse. Indeed logic is missing here…

  18. Dortu


    Sorry me englisch is bad, i whrite in french.

    J’ai un gros problème avec Frog nouvelle version (pro).

    Lorsque je suis dans une room et que j’essaie ou qu’une personne de la room essaie de communiquer, tout se bloque pendant plusieurs minutes, sauf la video.

    Comment résoudre ce problème ?

  19. _5L

    I just buy gifts and send gifts i got my nickname ban without no reason can i ask why i need only 1 reason 1 reason only admin please ????

    my nickname : _5L

  20. bernie

    I am having the same problem as clever, just cant log in at all, i get a pop up asking me to manually type in a password for a nickname i no longer use, come on camfrog, what is the solution to fix this problem?

  21. Fang

    I can’t sign in because it keep asking me for the main user password which I can’t remember and I use the fault email, I save my password there but somehow keep asking to confirm the main password and I can’t make a new user name or use another user name in my list at all. pls can some one resolve my problem

  22. ron

    hi can u help me with my vg coz i buy 2 vg x2 it appears in my profile diamond yellow but when i log in Cf 60 points only please help my id is Kj6t ty

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