Get a special Camfrog nickname like $, &, :), and more!

Now you can get a special Camfrog long or short nickname with special characters like $, *, #, and many more.  Visit the Camfrog Special Nickname page to buy a special nickname and begin using it immediately.

Currently special nicknames only work with Camfrog client, but if they become popular we’ll consider special nicknames for rooms and bots.  Camfrog special nicknames also require Camfrog Pro to sign on.

With Camfrog special nicknames you can be creative and make fun emoticons like 8| 8( 8P and many more.  You can also have a cool nickname with your email address like

Check the Camfrog nickname sales page and grab your name before it gets taken by someone else!

Buy a Camfrog Special Nickname!



Camfrog Upgrade Warning

Please upgrade your Camfrog clients and server versions as soon as possible.  Starting today old Camfrog clients and servers will begin to be blocked so all users can participate in our new audio modes, and use our most up to date video technology.

Camfrog Server:  Please use version 5.0.282 or newer.

Camfrog Client:  Please use our newest client 6.0.110.  A new Mac client will be out soon.

Upgrade your Camfrog Client & Camfrog Server as soon as possible.

Camfrog Summer Virtual Gifts (June)

It’s time to relax on the beach or at the pool with our Camfrog Summer virtual gifts for June.  Give your summer friends their own private island, a chair and umbrella for their beach or pool, a sail boat, a yellow duck, or a summer vacation.

To celebrate the coming summer yellow and blue diamonds now also have double gift points!

Summer Virtual Gifts: Yellow Diamond x2, Blue Diamond x2, Island of Summer, Summer Beach, Summer Boat, Summer Duck, Summer Vacation