New Camfrog Server Available (Linux & Windows)

A new version of Camfrog Server for Linux and Windows is now available for download.  This new version has many miscellaneous bug fixes, plus it brings back the server restart button in the control panel due to popular demand.

Please upgrade all your servers as soon as possible.  Old server versions may begin to be blocked starting in June.

Download Camfrog Server – LinuxWindows

30 thoughts on “New Camfrog Server Available (Linux & Windows)

  1. 1_pitbull_om_1

    Hello admin, I ask you for questions: deja, I make install(settle) camfrog server Linux, apres, I do not find command ” opened room “. How to make command for opened room? .merci!


    Thanks for this info, Frog. But, which one the old server that to be blocked starting in June? 4.3 or 5.0 or both?



    Will this latest version 5.1 server make a multi-room for each desktop user account on the hosting server? did anyone test it yet? I understood it may not have to launch a separate “.exe”


  4. @MysterShopper yes you can host multiple servers on one .exe file, you don’t have to install it multiple times, and the installer includes a conversion to upgrade all your old rooms to the new one…… works great

  5. Zoomshorts

    “brings back the server restart button in the control panel due to popular demand” Well what did you expect? Now you need to add a Change Room Name function so we can change room theme and feel on the fly.

  6. 1_pitbull_om_1

    Hello admin, I do not find Web-interface ” http: //??? ” Camfrog server 6.0. How to make Web-interface for http: //?. Thank you!


    1_pitbull_om_1, right click the server icon on the tool bar. You will then find “server setting” and make your web server interface there: https://ip:port. Don’t forget to generate SSL! If you use Mozila, you will find a kind of authentication notification. Just click “Add Exception”. Bingooo.. you get your Web server interface. The 6.0 version is simple. If you have 5 rooms, for instance, you just fill “login” and “password” on each server (room) panel. The address is still the same. In other words, 1 web server interface address can be accessed for 5 rooms (servers). You don’t need to make port for each rooms. 🙂

  8. Edward

    Is this the ‘cloud’ server, that blocks all mac users? plz fix. thanks 🙂


    @Blackserverhosting ..

    I meant Terminal Services like user accounts.. for example, which it does not work on each desktop user account.

    Yes Administrator
    No User01
    No User02
    No User03
    go on…

    Allow admin and users to do remote desktop connection the hosting server.

    Did anyone test this multi- servers on each user account?


  10. 1_pitbull_om_1

    NAGABRAHMAN, I ask you: you know well waiter(server) Linux yes or not for Web interfaces. Thank you!

  11. Old_Bayron

    New audio mode not supported by macs ipad and iphone version pls UPDATE (when video Chat in rooms for mobile device?)


    1_pitbull_om_1, sorry, I dunno much about Linux server. You may ask casper_PL on that thing. IM him and he will help you. Good luck!

  13. danny

    Hi Camfrog loads ppl like this new Option with this 2 way mics in rooms could please add this option on the cpanel so the users of the room could change it if want it on or off so the servers owners don’t have keep siging it off all the time like

    Thanks Scoobynetworks Support

  14. danny

    Hi, Camfrog Could you start Blog off For Servers Owners
    Thats Think Gold Nick would be Great as servers owner when they go in the room like i think its great idea like Cuz when the server owner in the room some times ppl don’t know who they are cuz more ppl around camfrog like red so i think server owners should have gold nick in there own rooms that they add if they are the server owner like just Great idea i think would be great

  15. camfrog version 6 is indeed nice
    but it would be good if it could be like version 5.0 advance
    Please combine
    I like the version 5 advance because there is no longer entered into the server hosting
    Hopefully the camfrog much better again
    and one more Bot version 5.1 not working
    If the ride 1 bot no problem but every ride more than 1 bot he error

  16. SKJ

    _YM , H7_ , SKJ my nicknames hacked admin please help me and my domain was hacked so please got them back for old password or ban them thx please i wait answer … .

  17. _5L

    Please admin help this guy really good man from indoensia all ppl from indo good people and he is use his paypal to buy gifts so good user really at less got them pass for all 3 nick back same it was on his domain and all ok his Yahoo ID hacked !! please help him we sure Administrators Good ppl help any one thx so much ..

  18. kerlian22

    Hi , have some probleme to connected with server 5.06 . The room dont want connected on cantral server . Firewall was off , i have acces remote . any idea ? ( server is hosting on linux )

  19. UVT

    _YM , H7_ , SKJ my nicknames hacked admin please help me and my domain was hacked so please got them back for old password or ban them thx please i wait answer … .
    oalah kang mas….. lol

  20. _5L

    please admin help SKJ to get back his nickname i think must administrators help Users for that !!

  21. Old_Bayron

    Punish not working on Version 6
    We noticed that people were coming straight back in after being punished, so we did some checks and basically since the room is on server 6, if a user changes ip, they can come straight back in with the same name.

    old server 4.3 and 5.0 work fine please check all 6 server version

  22. ARoomOwner

    Will the /setopt commands be restored? It is causing some problems with my bot’s automanagement of the room.

  23. Thunder_Struck

    Something got changed then. See, a ban has and was easier to get thru a punish. Bans are or were MAC I.D based. That is not all that hard to do.

    I do not know how they configured it all for the punish command, but it was like wicked nasty, and worked great. With these changes Paltalk now has done, I bet someone messed up on the code itself. It is like if it is not broke, do not fix it.

    Slowly, Camfrog is looking like a smaller version of Paltalk. And the stuff so far is easy to see coming. They want the Asian market, for itself. Thats fact. Paltalk has no clue at all how to do this. Asians are proud, respectful, and live in a culture that is smart and is the basis of their wonderful life style.

    My last two predictions:

    Paltalk will not get into the Asian market. They will fail.
    Lastly, they will do what they initialy wanted to do either way. They will take all they deem valuable from Camfrog. Camfrog will no longer exist. By August 2012 all will be done.

    Big fish eat the small fish. Big fish eats the tasty part, and spits the rest down the drain.

  24. Hey,

    I’m trying to use the camfrog server 6.0 and bot 5.1 and seem to work nice, but from this version, NON-admin users cannot start these program’s anymore.

    It seems one will need admin rights. The point is, i’m offering people remote desktop access without admin rights, to manage their own bot/room. Is there any way this can be fixed, or does someone have a nice “trick” to make it work?


    Hello admin, I do not find Web-interface ” http: //??? ” Camfrog server 6.0. How to make Web-interface for http: //?. Thank you!


  26. _5L

    I just buy gifts and send gifts i got my nickname ban without no reason can i ask why i need only 1 reason 1 reason only admin please ????

    my nickname : _5L

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