Camfrog Bot 5.1 (Windows & Linux) Released!

Camfrog Bot 5.1 for Windows and Linux is now available for download.  This new bot version has cool new plug-ins like a word trivia game, a math trivia game, new greeter posts, and an 8 ball game.  We have also added font settings, bot migration settings, and improvements in the Linux bot that makes bot management easier.

Download Camfrog Bot – Windows – Linux

71 thoughts on “Camfrog Bot 5.1 (Windows & Linux) Released!

  1. celtic_heart

    scores listing for math & word would be nice
    e.g. !wtop, !wmyscore, !mtop, !mmyscore

  2. I get weird results when using the testing for operators in the room. It treats anyone that is blue, green, or red, as an operator. This bug goes back to even the older versions.

    The work-a-round I have for this is to test for that, but ignore it if the check for friend or owner is true. This work-a-round should not break even if they fix this later on.

    My website is if anyone wants sample code to do it.

  3. Lets

    more improve more problem… why?

    the oldies we can control, test or make changes seperately. but the new versions are very unConvenience. room and bot are run with one executable so if we want to close or re-start the server we need to close and reconnect all. this is suck. 🙁

  4. CDM

    Hİ,There i though this camfrogbot 5.1 super but its have a problem cuz when i want change bot name always need change langague version for ever new bot i have international costumers and Turkish its very mixed really always bot serial is to problem im forget sometimes which bot which serial lol and my a serial invalid for this omg i hope others serials dont be invalid like that but no way i want new plugings bmp file like old version 4.3 bot as soon as because my all costumers always asking me add my id in bot i want give color with bot mr.server CDM omg like same nightmare lol im very tired now for ever like that questions but its ok cuz i saving my money of this work thank you camfrog for this 🙂

  5. Antonio

    I have big problems with the new bot, does not send messages in the room.
    everything is configured perfectly, today I solved a problem in a bot and now no longer works.
    how can I solve this problem?

  6. yoscreative

    hi admin how to make a bot 5.1 version to be respect to the user? , For example when we use the typing with the words lol>> she could give an answer kkkkkkkkkkkkkk? Please answer as soon as possible in

  7. Does anyone know how to get the plugin to record private messages (/msg) in the room?

    I want to make an html exploit kicker and the plugin doesn’t seem to have a way to see that text.

  8. Its easy Steve , PM me here on cf S@!F i will learn you how i already did the bot punish who ever type it 😀

  9. NuMBeR_OnE

    A week ago, on July 4th I have bought Camfrog Bot. Until today I could’nt register a name and could not be able the code that I have pruchased.
    I’m seeing always 2 camfrog eyes turning. I have sent 4 e-mail messages to camfrog helpdesk but did not received yet any answer!!!
    Admin, can you help me on this subject. (I have tried bot on my laptop also and have same result!)

  10. NuMBeR_OnE

    Additional information:
    Laptop: 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate
    Desktop: 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate
    I have even reformatted desktop pc and tried without any other softwar i.e antivirus included but result is same.
    Tried about 100 names, English, French, Italian, Turkish but Add/REgister bot is not possible!

  11. Eddopa

    Hello, I transferred from Camfrog Bot 3.94 Questions.du to Camfrog Bot 5.1 I had like 6200 questions in 3.94 version. But 5.1. version I typed !stat and all are zero. What did I wrong? Please let me know ASAP! Thanks.

  12. dermanbey

    hello 5.1 bot list has 18 boats, boats off and re-opened after opening message windows server 2008 mixed message does not take questions now, please help someone throws the other one does not take

  13. aPrHa

    I want to know what alternative word {/help} in new bot plz
    I want to know the list of commands

  14. helmi

    hello I want to know how to change the language of bot v 5.1 please help me I want a bot with Italian language

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