Camfrog Client 6.0.100 (Windows) Released

A new Camfrog Client for Windows is now available for download.  This new release fixes a problem some users were having with snapshots, fixes a problem with choppy audio in rooms, adds new languages to the installer, adds the ability to remove the “create room” tab in the internal video chat room list, and “add contact” was added directly under the “Camfrog” menu for quicker access.

It’s also possible to click a user nickname in the chat log and open their video window immediately.  There are also many other small bug fixes and enhancements.  We recommend all users upgrade as soon as possible.

Download Camfrog 6.0.100Change List

64 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 6.0.100 (Windows) Released

  1. sephong

    i get logged out every 5 mins!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X

    @CF admin (PALTALK)
    i know you must follow the new buisiness from PALTAK,,,
    let the CLIENT 5.5.242 and the old SERVER and BOT Software alive !!!!
    nothing works better as before only errors all days !!!!!!!
    or you go to step by step to PALTALK client ?????? i think its so,,,,,

  3. bing

    i totally agree with x_Jumbo… i never had 1 single problem on 5.5 EVER.. now its 1 issue after another every day .. and im still unable to use a mic since 6.0 without it rebooting my system.. so..pissed off… yes very much so

  4. Sammi

    There is a issue with camfrog audio i have tryed to play music in many rooms on camfrog stereo mix and it does not work at all i have reformatted and downloaded camfrog again still does not work i even down graded it worked fine then after a while i lost my mic on the downgrade!!! so i think you still have bugs on the new camfrog please can you get this sorted!


    Sammi, keep the 6.0.92 on your machine. I got the same problem like you. Camfrog is still working on that thing and will fix the prob for the next release. 🙂

  6. KobeBR

    All version since 6.0 have the same bug.

    When you write continously in chat 1&1, the other person can´t open the messange window if it is minimized. The windows is blocked until the other person stop of writting.

    Thank you if you verify it.

  7. rx

    i buy server serial code in camfrog later on someone is using my code camfrog say i need to email camfrog! i email already but camfrog no reply until now! we buy that expensive thing like serial code pls do some action to make it fast! all my custumer anggry to me why all my room down! camfrog is fast when you buy code or serial but when have trouble camfrog is slow until now no reply!pls do something i want my server or serial code change as soon as possible!grrrrrr

  8. Archbishop

    Camfrog Client version 6.0 Build 100 crashes unexpetedly. I did send some “reports” to Camfrog (hope this helps!!). I haven’t had any problem with previous versions. Is there any patch or a new verion coming soon? Should I install my previous version?

  9. Billy0329

    Why the Camfrog have to be a problem with the glitch? When I open someone the cam.. few minutes.. their cam moving like robot… I have to close them and reopen them and it work until few minutes later… they do it again…. Any idea how to fix it?


    Sound prob is still there on 6.0.108. I back to 6.0.92 again 🙁

  11. RusticSpider

    I find it all very good now except for a dog of a problem in that the room list and current room tab is now hiding behind open cams when auto sorting and resizing is done. I like the old seperate room list thanks.

  12. I bought camfrog eariler this year and it worked ok on 5,5
    but now that i have upgraded to 6.0 i can’t use it ? why ? how do i fix it ?

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