Camfrog Virtual Gifts Thailand New Year (April)

For Thailand New Year and the Thai Songkran Festival we have released some new virtual gifts including a water gun, a Thai garland, a water bowl, and a powder bottle.

Until May 1st these Thai virtual gifts have double points to celebrate the Holiday, along with double points for the green diamond points pack.  To tell if a gift has double points look for the gifts that say “x2” next to them.

Get double points until they end May 1st!

Get Camfrog Virtual Gifts

Update:  We have extended this promotion until May 1st due to popular demand.

23 thoughts on “Camfrog Virtual Gifts Thailand New Year (April)

  1. _5L

    So wonderfull Camfrog Team really but Admin please , if i have problem where i can talk about it i send more mails to helpdesk but no answer have any way to can got solve for my problem ??? Thx

  2. 1LCO

    อิอ หาคนติดให้หน่อยสิ จะขอบคุณมั๊กๆๆๆ คริๆๆ


    Thanks, but it would be nicer if the double point extend to 30 April. Lol.

  4. ali_topan99

    nice Virtual Gift, survivors celebrate new year Songkran festival for people of thailand,
    *my bro Naga : Good for TOS Double VG 30 point

  5. Wendy

    Camfrog Buggs 60.0 BUILD 92 Windows XP
    as i am unable to post on camfrogs wall on facebook, here is the latest
    bugs i have found

    1. on sending a vido snapshot, it now shows the send and play button in the
    window of the person i am sending too cam, insted of in the im window, i am
    unable to play or send what i am trying to.
    2. smileys dont work.
    3. font on the messinger window is smaller there for the people that have issues
    reading the font have issues maybe make it interchanable.
    4. there is more delay on the prive IM’s makeing it neare impossible to talk

    yours faithfully wendy lovegrove.

  6. Ja_brik

    Nice gift frog, and this gift really show some appreciate for cultures too.
    For my brother and sister from MuangThay… Happy new year, wish luck from now and ever.


  7. Dave

    Keep working on the ver 6…its getting close now. Im an owner of Acoustic_JAM and I have 5.5 on one of my PCs and 6 on another. The streaming audio is choppy and laggy on the new ver where it is clean and good on the 5.5. Choppy audio is a surefire way to kill off a music room. Most regulars to our room wont switch to 6 for this reason. Please address this issue and thanks for the trouble free recent weeks.




    The next update will be close to perfect for 6.0. Keep progressing!

    @ My bro, Ali_Topan. Hopefully! Double point every month. Lol.

  9. sugardaddy999

    6.0 is great except for the continue problem of my video freezing when i am in a chat room. Other users have the same…Please try and sort it out then 6.0 will be perfect as far as I am concerned.


  10. _5L

    We need admin really anwer our questions about camfrog it’s easy and better way to solve anyproblem in camfrog with fast time i wish any Admin answer us thx so much

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