Camfrog Client 6.0.100 (Windows) Released

A new Camfrog Client for Windows is now available for download.  This new release fixes a problem some users were having with snapshots, fixes a problem with choppy audio in rooms, adds new languages to the installer, adds the ability to remove the “create room” tab in the internal video chat room list, and “add contact” was added directly under the “Camfrog” menu for quicker access.

It’s also possible to click a user nickname in the chat log and open their video window immediately.  There are also many other small bug fixes and enhancements.  We recommend all users upgrade as soon as possible.

Download Camfrog 6.0.100Change List

Camfrog Server 6.0 Released (Linux & Windows)

Camfrog Video Chat Room Server 6.0 for Windows and Linux are now available for download.  Our new Camfrog Server software has a new modern interface, new audio modes, an improved web interface, and simplifies the ability to open multiple video chat rooms.

Camfrog Server now has three audio modes.  Go to the “actions” menu in the main window and choose “settings” then under the “general” tab choose your preferred audio mode at the bottom left.  “Push to talk” mode is our classic Camfrog audio mode.  You can also choose “Push to talk for multiple users” and then on the right side you can choose the number of users you’d like to allow to talk simultaneously.  If you choose “hear all visible users” audio mode, then you can hear the audio of any user you view in the video chat room.  If a user’s audio is too loud you can always mouse over their remote video window and mute it or close their window.  We look forward to seeing what new fun and interesting things Camfroggers do with these new audio modes.  Please note the new 6.0 client is required to use these new audio modes.

With the new Camfrog Server software it’s much easier to create multiple rooms on one server.  Go to the “File” menu and choose “New window” and suddenly you have two Camfrog Servers available.  To close one of the rooms click the X in the top right of the window.  To exit the application completely go to the bottom right notification area and right click the Camfrog Server icon and choose “exit”.

Download Camfrog Server Now and give us your feedback.  Thanks for hosting Camfrog Video Chat Rooms!

Download Camfrog Server 6.0 (Windows)

Download Camfrog Server 6.0 (Linux)

Camfrog Virtual Gifts Thailand New Year (April)

For Thailand New Year and the Thai Songkran Festival we have released some new virtual gifts including a water gun, a Thai garland, a water bowl, and a powder bottle.

Until May 1st these Thai virtual gifts have double points to celebrate the Holiday, along with double points for the green diamond points pack.  To tell if a gift has double points look for the gifts that say “x2” next to them.

Get double points until they end May 1st!

Get Camfrog Virtual Gifts

Update:  We have extended this promotion until May 1st due to popular demand.