Camfrog 6.0.75 (Windows) Released

Camfrog 6.0.75 is now available for download.

With our Camfrog 6.0 release we listened carefully to user feedback and made the changes you requested.  The 6.0.75 update includes the ability to change your font and font colors in instant messages and in rooms, brings back your favorite rooms in the contact list, creates new easier to use room user lists, allows you to invite your friend to the room you are in by going to the “Camfrog” menu in the video chat room window, and adds smaller ad banners and smaller notifications in IM windows.

We also updated our user interface by adding a Camfrog menu at the top left.  All your usual actions and settings are available under this new Camfrog menu.  Our software now also auto-logs you into our website when you click a link within the software to save you time from always having to logon and logout.

Download Camfrog 6.0.75 Now!

79 thoughts on “Camfrog 6.0.75 (Windows) Released

  1. langer6161

    wonderfull the new version, gratulation camfrog, very good work, no bugs i find. greets from germany

  2. kat

    i am so not happy with everything in one window with different tabs its confussing and disapointing honestly i understand cf/paltalk compined i been on cf for some time now and 5.5 has been the best cf by far i dont like 6 or the latest 6.0.75 i hate it i cant stand it. im sorry to say but why mess with 5.5 if most of the old cf users like that? i tried 6.0.75 i dont like the fact i dj in the room and you cant see how high your volume is cause 3-4 bars is fine higher isnt now you dont see that at all. what happend to the whole hands free??? plus it takes to much space the file is so much bigger then 5.5….. i am sorry cf my loyality is with 5.5 untill i guess i got no choice to move up or maybe once you have fixed everything and got a better virsion

  3. Dj_PepSi_Max_Dj

    Kat Give Camfrog sometime they are working on so much these days they need to get version that has no bugs frist before they start adding things you know what mean i do agree with one window is is hard some time i think should have the old boxes but the new layout i like WELL DONE CAMFROG!!!

  4. _5L

    Your right Mr/Miss Kat but new version it’s better from old you have to be sure from that and don’t forget new version have no bug so it’s protect you from hackers maybe new version so bad for you coz you still not use it long time so you see it more different and not easy to use if you try with it [ new version ] long time you will like it and able to use it more than old version Just try and you will see Have nice and great day sir !!

  5. _5L

    this problem sir from his internet the someone who you watch him . he have bad or error in his internet tell him restart it or fix it .

  6. _5L

    that’s maybe mac but the most reason to happened this problem it’s the bad connection and we will wait Admin’s answer about this problem

  7. cacador


    well for me camfrog video chat simply better in the world and the version 6 I think was best done until now rest are opinions.

  8. Saint

    6.0.75 has been crashing a heck of a lot. Sometimes when it’s just sitting there not doing anything. Camfrog has always been a really buggy piece of software, but it has been especially ridiculous since the 2/18 version. Before, the worst issue was new people that join a room and have webcams aren’t showing up properly that they have webcams in the user list (this issue still exists by the way), now the software itself is crashing every 5 minutes.


    I looked at all comments and think I stay with 5.5 till 6.1 is on the go. Just saying thanks to Jay_in_GPK who helped me to re install 5.5 when i nearly had a nervous break down about the 6.0 version I know things will improve lol

  10. 94

    Thanks Camfrog Staff For Unban IP Egypt Response to our demands And I hope unban other Arab countries like ( Morocco – Algeria – Saudi Arabia – Jordan – Palestine – Syria )
    Thanks realllyyyyyy


    nice work, i like the new style and skin option!!
    hope we can get more skin colors soon, coz i miss a black one.

    @ X_Jumbo_Hotdog_X, go to the green camfrog button on top >> actions >> change password.

  12. Zoomshorts

    Hello 94, Camfrog did not ban any countries, Egypt – Morocco – Algeria – Libya -Saudi Arabia – Jordan – Palestine – Syria All were banned by the individual countries.

    Camfrog had nothing to do with those problems. More and more countries are dropping internet access due to civil unrest.

  13. L .M.

    look very nice but it’s a big spender of system resources (+ – 60%) and a lot of memory (+ – 500 MB to 10 Web cameras connected) does not recommend using this version is better than version 5.5. my system Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2390 1.86GHz with Windows 7 Ultimate with 3 GB of RAM.

  14. PANTRO2130

    this version uses too much ram memori and processor i do not recomed this v 6 use v 5.5 is better

  15. The new version has serious problems of programming, when a room is crowded the memory allocated in RAM it fires up to the max, now i see in the task manager more than 1 gigabyte occupying memory RAM and rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. _5L

    Hey Admin please i see that nickname was online > ! < Camfrog:add:! it was added for list and was online is that new bug or what ??

  17. Slipknot_08

    i’m use 6.0.75 now but look like it use memory too must. check by task manager.
    it start at run 70000+k(70Mb) and it continue increase to around 600000+k (600Mb?)and still increase if i’m inroom for longtime. i need to close camfrog Program and run it again. it bug or something? coz it look lag+slow as like i said (i have 3gb of ram cpu core2duo). or i need down it to 5.5 again? Y_Y



    My new pro BOT does not work in BOT 3.9. I thought you sent me a wrong code, coz it was said INVALID when I put on BOT 3.9. But after I put on BOT 5.0, it works. Did U ever inform this thing before? I got problem with this, indeed. It’s almost impossible to transform my BOT 3.9 to BOT 5.0 in my server. I need your explanation on this. I purchased $100 pro BOT, but now it becomes useless. 😦


    P.S. I already send an email to Helpdesk. Check it out.

  19. _5L

    all new codes for bot sir worked only new version not old version maybe Administrators will solve this problem make new codes work on new bot and old version together


    ok all after reading all this the cpu and ram bit i all so have that ware i got two close the room and open it for me it not good as i am a camfrog op and need two be in room all so when i open 15 cams i get lag but i with virginmedia 50mb speed so how can that be i hope that when the new 6.1 u all saying will be out soon sort all this for me but i do like this new camfrog so if there can sort out the system resources as it was on 5.5 i be happy



    Please respond my email. I need my new purchased pro BOT serial work in BOT 3,9. It’s not fair if you issue a new policy without notice. You never inform us that new pro bot serial IS ONLY work in BOT 5.0.

  22. Revolver

    YESSSSSS………finally,,,version 6.0.77
    99% FLAWLESS performance, this is the best of version 6.x
    (my opinion as user status only)

    Cons 1%:
    still can not copy-paste emoticon…..but its not really important.

    Get ready to leave v5.5

  23. Mattey

    Will it ever be possible to remove the two tabs at the top of the chat room box? room list/create room.

    This is what is making me not want to change because it just looks cluttered.

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