24 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2011 Virtual Gifts

  1. PHI_YATOT_1968

    my friend id was disabled by one of the admin without valid reason
    just for him to truth the he is one of admin 🙁

    my id also other id also 🙁

  2. PHI_YATOT_1968

    ill try but he told me that he is the one who received the email there 🙁

    the id who told me he is an admin is _0w

    he is the one who hacked some of my id 🙁

  3. Zoomshorts

    Simple, BAN _0w for TOS violation, you are not allowed to impersonate a Camfrog employee. ALL nicknames associated with ‘him’.

    Now for the important part of my post : What is Frogfeed? What does it do other than send duplicates of our ‘custom status message’? It seems like a partially baked idea. In addition, the old method of displaying friends pictures was miles better than this new version.

  4. admin

    Frogfeed is partially baked because it’s unfinished. Basically you’ll be able to see your friend statuses and comment on them, then eventually rooms will have statuses, and you can be friends with rooms if you are an op/owner/friend there, etc…

    Just trying to make the web portion of Camfrog more interesting.

    I did not announce anything about it yet because we are still working on getting it all stable.

  5. Frogfeed sounds like a interesting idea, simular to FB. Looking forward to seeing the finished article Frog.

    One Question though, are there ways of deleting Bad Language or Spam from this feed????




    My English is fair, I confuse about your sentence: “To celebrate 2011 our new Chinese New Year virtual gifts all have double gift points for this month only!”. Does it mean that the point will LAST in the end of this month or just the discount period? I mean, if i purchase 2 x 30 point of that VG now and will get 120 point (or Yellow Diamond in room!), is the 120 be back to 60 on March 1st or will last in 90 days? 😉 Thx.


  7. admin


    The gifts last 90 days as usual and for those 90 days they should have double points there. Thanks.


    HI admin i have sing on camfrog two day at 14:20 and all my contacts list have gone and all the room list have gone

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