New Virtual Gifts (January)

We’re starting 2011 off right with new virtual gifts for Camfrog users.  Camfrog Virtual gifts allow you to add a cool icon in front of your Camfrog nickname or Camfrog room name, plus they also allow you to send a private message to someone who is in privacy mode and can’t currently communicate with you.

For January our new virtual gifts include an alien, a baby chicken, Chinese take-away, chips and salsa, and a dinosaur.  What a strange yet delicious combination of virtual gifts!

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10 thoughts on “New Virtual Gifts (January)


    Haha.. Cute VGs. 🙂 Anyway, U should add new more VGs for 20 point. Thx~~

  2. Issey

    Is there a problem buying virtual gifts at your online store? I’ve been trying for 10 times already to purchase a green diamond with sufficient funds in my card but it was not pushing through. Please check on this matter thanks.

  3. strawberrytop2010

    I have been having problems with someone in Camfrog and i am making report here.. man name Shane Webber (bassmaster1984) is a dirty business. he has stole my boyfriend 10 pro code for all his rooms that he tried to run his business for all people his rooms. I hope this gets Camfrog’s Attention and contacts me asap. We have dealth with shane dirty business all nite last nite playing games telling lies saying that rooms were on new service which was on his old service.. I am asking Camfrog to recover my boyfriend’s pro code for all his 10 rooms he had paid for and contact him asap. take care of Shane dirty business..I know he is license with LLC but he is not doing his business right and he sure does make you look bad right now. He hack copy his pro code that he paid through camfrog 6 of them and 4 through him.. he played games all night and we got tried of this and we not into this and i know there been other people who been there that too. I don’t like to see that happen anymore. he has told him and me that all was his. what more do we ask? what can we do? i would like to see my boyfriend get his pro code for all his room recovered and move on.. we don’t want to deal no more drama from people like him anymore.. shane is just mad and crazy because he lost too many people and lost too much money.. that is not our problem.. that is his problem.. we have gave him chance and we have been nice to him too long.. we decided time is up because he did not listen that we are not happy with the service.. so what more can we ask? so can you please recover my boyfriend’s procode his name is brad platt and his sn is rollingstone316 his e mail is he has been faithful to camfrog and loves working with camfrog for soo long.. he loves working with this company.. after what shane has done to him it has crush him so bad.. i would kindly ask you to please to recover his pro code and let him run his business back to place and you deal with shane. brad has learn soo much about camfrog and wants to work with camfrog. he loves how business run and keep it going. thank you for listen to what i have to say and hope you can consider and give him oppunity to get his business up and going again. I don’t know where else to post so I post it here sorry 🙁

  4. Zoomshorts

    strawberrytop2010, please send your complaint to and include all receipts your BF has. This will allow Camfrog to validate your claims.

  5. DougIL46

    its great camfrog is goin mobil, whens camfrog gonna make 1 for the
    android smart phones

  6. MadScientist

    What a load of crap!?! People started complaining about the change of Camfrog to a subscription service, SO THEY CUT OFF COMMENTS ON THAT THREAD!?!?! WTF?? You have to silence the opposition?

    And when we pay for the servers, it’s a bunch of crap that you want to profit from it. If this is the case, then Server codes should be FREE! Anything less would be be truly ripping people off.


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