Camfrog Pro Subscriptions Starting February 1

All Camfrog Pro serials purchased on or after February 1, 2011 will be subscription-based and last one year.  Our order page and order emails will be updated to make it clear that Camfrog Pro serials purchased on February 1 and later are annual subscription items.

All Camfrog Pro serials purchased before February 1 will not be changed and your current Camfrog Pro serials will work as they always have. If you purchased a Camfrog Pro serial before February 1, 2011 the serial will not change and will not become a subscription serial.

Thank you for supporting Camfrog and purchasing Camfrog Pro.

Update: Paltalk has decided to keep Camfrog Server and Bot serials as they are now, where they are not subscription.  Camfrog Server and Bot serials will not change on February 1.  Only Camfrog Client serials will change on February 1.

New Virtual Gifts (January)

We’re starting 2011 off right with new virtual gifts for Camfrog users.  Camfrog Virtual gifts allow you to add a cool icon in front of your Camfrog nickname or Camfrog room name, plus they also allow you to send a private message to someone who is in privacy mode and can’t currently communicate with you.

For January our new virtual gifts include an alien, a baby chicken, Chinese take-away, chips and salsa, and a dinosaur.  What a strange yet delicious combination of virtual gifts!

Get a Camfrog Virtual Gift