Camfrog 6.0 is live!

Camfrog 6.0 for Windows is now available for download.

This new client has an all new UI,  HD high resolution video for one-on-one connections, audio echo cancellation, video and audio snapshots, full screen one-on-one video, and improved video quality.  This 6.0 version is also ready for our new audio modes that will be available with our new Camfrog Server software.  We hope to release new Camfrog Server versions with new audio modes and a new Mac version soon.

Camfrog 6.0 (Windows) Screenshots

We have also updated our Camfrog Video Chat website to work with this new software version.

So far the early feedback we have seen has requested that we bring back the ability to change font sizes and colors again, and the ability to add your favorite rooms to your contact list instead of the internal video chat room list.  You can add your favorite rooms to your contact list by right clicking your contact list and choosing “show rooms”.

We are considering bringing back font changes for rooms and IM messages.  Please continue to give us your constructive feedback so we can continue to improve our software.

Thanks for using Camfrog and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Download Camfrog 6.0 (Windows)Change List

140 thoughts on “Camfrog 6.0 is live!

  1. Thank version already beautiful, but incomplete !!

    Send Invit !!
    Add Invisible !!

    and please make favorite room with contact list for quick navigation !!

    Thankyou .

  2. IcedFire

    The new look and feel is nice; kind of like irc/mirc’ish. was also deceived, thinking I could open multiple rooms but it dc’s from the old one.

    Crashed 30 times in about 45 minutes last night; and had to go back to 5.5 to regain sanity. Was this testd with XP?

  3. Steve

    L&G, to be honest: last version 5.5 was much better in usability.
    The new chat window can’t be changed in size and takes much too much space on the desktop. Also the new tab design takes too much place.
    Was much better with separated windows for chat window and roomlist.

    In the new version there are also user with paused cam or without cam in the column. Before they were at the very end of the user list and did’nt wasted space above.

    I am sorry, but I will roll back to 5.5 until these issues are not fixed.

  4. Saif-Nuker

    When you view Webcams in room more than one … it doesn’t organize it self like v.5.5 and virgns before it .

    and i like the design … it’s good quality and nice looking … thank you

  5. Ahmed

    Admin, good job and efforts this is very very nice version , but i have some feedback , the font is default not able to change and i not found invite user to the room !!!

  6. Microsoft


    The new version also very good. However, the user determines the size of the text, I think that would be more healthy. Evaluation is done is acceptable.


  7. Saxytigr

    Why mess with what works? I understand there are some upgrades that were being made, but leave everything else alone! I’m sure the majority of us would like these things changed back:

    1. separate Favorite room tab on the buddy list. it sucks having it in the list with all of your other friends.

    2. The IM and Chat windows need to be fully resizable. The smallest you can make them is still too large.

    3. Fonts and colors….give us those options back.

    4. Change the chatters list back to where who you’re viewing groups together at the top and who’s paused/lurking groups back at the bottom. Having everyone grouped toghether, even though who you’re watching is highlighted, makes the list very cluttered and will make it difficult for Owner and Ops to monitor for paused cams and lurkers.

  8. sbarby

    1. how can I send many snapshots at the same time? 😦
    2. Add “locate user” in IM tab
    3. high CPU usage

  9. rere_inilah

    Hi Admin.
    Camfrog 6.0(build 4.9)- Nice layout,nice skin,

    But I don’t like it
    ~Couse no have setting font size & color for IM and Rooms,

    ~no invitations(If I want to invite someone, I use the command camfrog:join:roomname)

    ~Hide room add/can’t separate contact and room,

    ~no have history list room(The Favorites rooms tab should be the default one if not empty. Camfrog hosted rooms may be the default if there are no favorites rooms)

    ~in room no have hidden user and lurkers user(icons for paused users. One unique list makes more easy to find a user in the list)

    😐 and still some bugs~Make Me Confused |)

    Thank you

  10. TheSwedishGirl

    Hi camfrog!
    If people are complaining about spam, when it comes to inviting people, maybe you can give users a choice to allow invitations or not.
    Or the choice to have it password protected, as you do with private calls.

    I know you have allready said you are thinking of bringing back fonts, and I just want to point out that I really hope that you do.

    When a room has several hundred users, it will be hard, or nearly impossible for the operators to follow the conversation and make sure that TOS is not being violated.

    I like the design of the new version, however, I have chosen to use the 5,5 until these details are corrected, and Iceop has come out with a version to go along with 6,0.

  11. frogfuzion

    Awesome job, love the new interface, much cleaner and more modern. It was almost perfect until you guys decided to take away font customization, even bot fonts are default blue now, so color coded bot games are harder to identify, at least bring that back.

    I actually like the fact everyone has the same font color and size, better readability, but that should be left up to the users to decide in their client settings, specially considering everyone who’s used Camfrog before expect font customization to be part of the product by default.

    An alternative could be letting a user decide what size and font they’ll see on screen, example he/she picks Tahoma, size 12, and everyone’s font becomes Tahoma 12 on the client-side. Colors on the other hand should reflect each user’s setting, so it’s easier to identify who’s talking.

    Love the effort put into 6.0 though, great job, have a prosperous New Year!

  12. Jelena_bre

    Hello Admin!
    I want to say, new camfrog is great, like new skin special pink one hehehe 🙂 i dont like contact and rooms together, and i dont like cf without font 😦 pls put em back!

  13. Dave

    I love the skins idea! no more green! yay!
    I notice a few things I miss from the old ver.
    -I cant invite anymore
    -I dont have easy access to “my” room list
    -fonts are humdrum
    -I prefer the bars for audio as its easier to help people setup in a music room (we would have folks shoot for 3 bars for good audio, now we have no real guide)
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Billy0329


    When I try using 6.0 but somehow I don’t like it so I downgrading to 5.5 then somehow the pro code being invalid. I don’t know what going on so I email to helpdesk to see what they can do. Would you follow it up? Thanks

  15. Dave

    I forgot to add…
    The user list in the room is not segregated anymore. Very tough for an Op or Owner to moderate this list.

  16. dj_ade

    omg guys 6.0 isnt nice at all we need font color n sizing back looks awfull with out it any 1 that goes back to 5.5 yes your pro code will desapeer you need to reinsert it after install but any 1 that hasnt saved there pro code was a bit stupid not to happy new year to all

  17. steph_paris_fr

    6.0 looks good but like a beta version that doesn’t take care of what users want …what i noticed:
    – list of room/create a romm always hidden beind the cams ….
    – when you click on ‘see the profile’, on seven, it doesnt open it in a new window but uses onee of the windows IE already opened in the windows task bar …
    – why hidden cams are not in the bottom of yhe list like fefore ?

  18. Hello Everyone Happy new year all camfrog’s

    i want thank every single one who work in this project its a new start

    and i want thank who remove’s the font’s (i have reason to say that)

    some user use the biggest size of fonts to do a flood or abuse the other users in video chat rooms ..

    my suggest if you make the decision to return it back the font’s so do just it with 2 or 3 size of it to control it

    thank you guys

  19. cool_kevin

    Ok, Just installed it and the initial look is good but the immediate negatives, #1, it defaulted to my buddy list I had to look for my room by selecting rooms, 18+ and finding it, the room list is hard to find, to be honest haven’t figured that out.. It hasn’t crashed while I did something else with it minimized and 20+ cameras were open and mine is broadcasting, however when you open cameras you took away the feature to delineate between who is lurking, who i’m viewing and who i’m not. Also I think and have suggested before you modify the software that if you have someone blocked they can not view your video. It becomes “jammed” so to speak, and it would be a good idea to have a black screen, or white screen, because it should be someones free will whether someone else watches them and there are certain rooms that someone will not go into if someone else is there or refuse to get on cam and they should have the control.. You could put a message “you are blocked” but that would just cause drama and that is unnecessary – I haven’t had much time — I will look into it more, it transitioned much better from many cam to my real cam which was a major issue with the last version. I’ll mess with it and comment again but i strongly suggest a quick patch to have the friends list accessed or email me with the moron moment I’m having and tell me what I’m missing… i liked the seperation between friends and rooms.. i realize the blocking thing is a decision seperate from a new version but one thing I hope is you guys can get your security straight. It seems too many people can steal your nic or your room and you do not have a good protocol in place to defend or protect your faithful and paying users. You should have the pop list in place, and a log of the users that put the most hours in, not just who is added to someones list because naturally the females will be added first, but the users actual time logged into camfrog, and HOW long they have been registered.. Good work but fonts are a must you just come to identify your friends by their font.. I haven’t even tried anything else and I’m already ready to roll back.. Beta testers = a must.. you need more and you need a better program to support a room owner if a room is being attacked, or a user if their name has been taken. Considering many user names are taken because they are red in multiple rooms the destruction one can cause in such a short period of time is astronomical. You need a spoof/phish protection code, where if I’m phished I log into or whatever and put in my user name, the email at time of registration and a special pin code set up at the time of registration. This will log the account off, reset the email to default, reset the password to what you set at that time and it protects everyone involved. Most of the hackers propagate from stealing my nic then messaging another room owner, them thinking its me, they click a link, then they are spoofed to the next and ultimately rooms start shutting down and you are left to re-open your room with an “_” before the title because no one supports this issue. Or the current method in place is that which does nothing or requires an email that has already been changed by the hacker.. I suggest security be a large focus in 2011 – many users would rather go to web based programs or ones they know they can’t be messed with than one like camfrog and the feedback I hear constantly is that your programming is very buggy and vulnerable and that there are people running around here rogue and able to steal nics, rooms, etc. and there is nothing that can be done.. You need to provide the safest and most fun environment, and word of mouth will begin. When there are less people scaring everyone away it will be more likely for someone “in real life” to share their camfrog experience and invite a user., Also a user referral program, i.e. if i refer you to get pro I get a gift. ALSO gifts shouldn’t just be bought but given to users for time on the program, random ones, etc. Anyone with the same screen name should have a permanent type – to denote to other users the tenure of that user. Ok back to trying this out I promise I’ll give it a little time before rolling back but as it stands now, the differences are that the program has been slimmed and trimmed and I have not noticed one single improvement other than the skins and to be honest all colors are horrible hopefully you get a different selection out soon.

  20. cool_kevin

    *****USERS NOT USING 6.0 said they can’t get my cam, i have to restart the room… ***** force the upgrade or make the changes then do so because it will create a problem having unviewable cams. I basically summed it up, camfrog lite.. its like camfrog without all the features it had.. locate user? still cant figure out how to add the room to my list.. i may need to roll back this is frustrating and ruining my camfrog experience.

  21. Hello Admin,

    Nice work but please sort the font colour and size bit out, would also be nice if we cud av other colours in the room like bots go purple etc

  22. bingo

    Thanks for the great work.

    In summary I think you had in mind the easy use for newbies.
    I personally regret the lack of the controls in the room to sort the list of users in different ways.
    Same regret for the division in groups of users: viewed users, regular room users, lurking users.
    What is the advantage with the new button in the list of room: “show more rooms”? I prefear the old way, more flexible for different way of use.

    For this and that I am (temporarely) coming back to the old version hoping in some change.
    Thanks for your work!

  23. dj_ade

    hi again
    personally i say admin eather take it off n have a rethink cos honestly it looks good but doesnt oporate good a nice thing to add would be some kind of offline messager catcher like your competitors have plus some kind of change in the smileys to hope you take this onboard n atleast think about it


    Take it easy, guys. 🙂 Camfrog “listened” our feedback already and is working on it. Lets downgrade to 5.5 and waiting for the next update.


  25. Neighbourboy

    Hey Camfrog devs, little FEEDBACK from me aswell:

    To be honest, i really hated all the different kinds of fonts and font sizes on camfrog. It looked… uhm… horribly unprofessional. It gives me eye cancer at times aswell. So i like that u guys rethought that.

    So i wouldn’t mind if you guys keep the room in only one font and only let us change the font colour server side… perhaps give us more colours to choose from aswell via HEX code. It’s how chatrooms usually work, anyway.

    So please DO NOT bring back the ability to actually CHANGE fonts and font sizes serverside. Perhaps you could let us customise the font size only “on screen” in case we can’t read it for being too small or whatever.

    I am a webdesigner and i know what i am talkin about and i absolutely understand why you guys made this change in the first place for v 6. But the reason why people are complaining might be not because they can’t change the fonts, but because of other reasons.

    Some of the features include the inability of using third party software that allows more features for the user. My suggestion would be to research some of those third party programs and see what people like to use: IceOP, Camfrog Extras etc.


  26. Neighbourboy


    Please do NOT take out features that do not influence the aesthetic of the interface! See Comment:

    bingo Says:
    December 30th, 2010 at 7:01 am

    That’s a no-go!

  27. bingo

    Why Neighbourboy?

    I am not interested in aestetics that are minor features in a software.
    A good software has, first of all, user-friendly functions, and my comment is in that direction.

    By the oher hand, you say:

    “To be honest, i really hated all the different kinds of fonts and font sizes on camfrog. It looked… uhm… horribly unprofessional. …. (omissis)…So please DO NOT bring back the ability to actually CHANGE fonts and font sizes serverside.”

    I agree completely on that, but in some way you contradict yourself.


  28. pistor


    I reviewed all comments and I seem that most part of users (not all) requested cosmetic improvements, not relevant for an efficient use of camfrog.
    I agree with bingo on some NOT purely cosmetic change.
    I also like the separate list for “viewed users”. This gives me a better and faster control on the opened connections.

    If we feel some discomfort with new features, is a good idea to come back to V. 5 (as someone suggested)

  29. Jim

    Here is the issue about Font color and Sizes. I met the love of my life on camfrog about a year ago. We use camfrog to communicate regularly/daily and many times even fall asleep with it between us. The font colors and sizes for us is everything. We have a certain color match between us and it is quite warm and lovely to see. When we switched to the new version 6 and discovered there were no fonts or colors, we switched back to 5.5. I urge you please, place that feature back into the program. It adds a touch of humanity and customization to it.

    Also can you devise a way to back up the history. We have a substantial amount of it and I have been recording it as I scroll through, we would love to be able to have it so we can export it to excel or something.

    Best Regards, and thank you for bringing the software about that brought me my love 🙂

  30. I actually like the unformatted text, some of the text combinations were just retarded !!!!

    If you guy can, make an option so the server owner can determine formated text or plain text

    and option to highlight the text from your friends or specific users in the room would be nice too


    HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of you.

    Camfrog, thank you for the new year free Virtual Gift. I got one. 😉


  32. Ember75

    . I understand that you wanted to do something new and creative. But limiting users abilities for things that have been useful and productive for years is just plain silly. Furthermore this new version 6.0 has distorted my cam. Once i saw that.. I reverted to 5.5 and now i cant be seen in a private chat. you have RUINED my camfrog experience tottally. This is an utter failure in every aspect. I would expect a LOT more from this team seeing as you have just recently been purchased. This is by far the worst upgrade i have ever seen on any software. Fonts , userlist, colors, lurkers, new icons for users and new catagories for users in rooms , MAYBE an audio limiter / auto leveler for use in a room to keep users from having to be hurt by other users with system sounds set to too high of a level. THEEESE are the things that need to be addressed. Why dress up a pig in a silk dress if you are not gonna eat it? This is what has happened to camfrog except you have broken two of the legs on it at the same time

  33. admin

    Ember, use the 5.5 version that’s on our download page below the 6.0 button. It should work fine with 6.0.

  34. SounderStanding

    Well your going with tabs…why not be able to make the IM and Video windows into tabs?
    and/or remember the video window’s position.

    Please bring back transparency, I don’t think you should remove ANY pro features.

    As for the volume circle, it’s way too sensitive. what used to be 3-4 bars is now a full circle, VERY frustrating for musicians.

    What is the frog feed?

    PLEASE bring back an audio settings link or button from main room.!!!
    This is essential for musicians and computer noobs….maybe a video settings link button too on the video window?

    Another annoyance is people not staying added to the ignore list!!?

    As for the colors and fonts, why install a Custom color editor that can not only change font color, but also the color of Camfrog….

    But cmon with the fonts, what a silly decision… taking away an artistic aspect of freedom, is NOT COOL.

    ^^^^^Don’t take my word for it, but if you want camfrog to be at it’s best ever ^^^^^

  35. First off i would like to say i like the new version, is seems faster and more reliable with many cams and dosent crash as often as it did with 5.5.

    Having saying that Camfrog your support is still extremely poor giving the fact that my company has forked out thousands of dollars for codes to host rooms.

    Ticket#2010122311000172 has not been answered even still and i seem to have been ignored again. All bar one of my codes are now working.

    Camfrog, in your new software you need to program a DDOS prevention program that drops packets that do not come from the camfrog video chat application.

    We spend so much of our time blocking hackers and banning them from our datacentre as they have nothing better to do then to irritate others.

    What is new in Camfrog Server 6.0? if that’s the version its going to be. can you tell me what your looking at incorporating so i can give my feedback

  36. Hello!

    A happy 2011 for all 🙂

    Some users are reporting some kind of stress with the new system messages from rooms with a small Camfrog logo and a different background.

    With a simple and small font + anoying system messages is impossible to read a room with more than 50 users.

    I would like to suggest:

    * Add a button like (show / hide notifications) at room window, so users can define if they want or not to receive that.

    The commands /notifyon & /notifyoff works fine, BUT users are not Camfrog specialist to know all existents commands.


  37. pistor

    Bad News!

    No more chance to sort the users in the room for “who is watching”
    This function is absolutely needed to chat in a hundred, or more, users room.
    How can I guess what people is watching me?

  38. howard2214

    Hi Admin : This is my little feedback : If you don’t allow people to see someone’s profile page to check their list, why don’t you remove the option “Disable friend list”? I just want the old profile page back :S

  39. Macguiver

    pistor, You can still sort by who is watching just like in previous versions, just right click in your user list and go to the “sorting” menu.

  40. TheNoiseOfSilence

    Hello frog,

    my experience with this new version is going on.

    Some trouble I had with:


    Use of Manycam

    and now I saw that this version has a use of RAM that increase itself without never go back an I can’t understand why.

    Hope someone can tell me something.

    Using CF 6 over Vista texture deactivated and areo deactivated.



  41. Captive

    Hi, first of all, thanks for your contribution to camfrog and especially to 6.0 , but when we compare 6.0 with 5.5, 5.5 version and its profils are cooler and more simple. Also, i want to mention about the Pop List; it is so slow and we can’t look at the Thailand pop list from Turkey. If you can answer my questions i will be glad, thanks, Your sincerely

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