14 thoughts on “Bot Serial Problem?

  1. voodoo_doctor

    i upgrading and still does work invalid por serial number i had my bot code sene 8/1/2009 is anyone working on this Problem

  2. DTA_Attitude

    I rebooted my system and after reboot my camfrog bot says the serial is invalid . I am already using the latest camfrog bot 5.0 can you please tell me why this is happening . secondly the bot was purchaced back in 2004 and the email and paypal I used is no longer active . I really hope you can help me with this matter as I can not afford to buy a new serial nor should I have to as mine was fine till I rebooted .

  3. admin

    We are investigating, thanks for letting us know about your problems so we can fix it.

  4. pf_s

    Hello Admin. Code does not work with Camfrog Bot? Is the end of the version of Camfrog Bot 3.94? Thank you …

  5. cacador

    Good afternoon I have been informed I am having problems with serial bot doing the same hopefully upgrading your reply.


  6. cosmosman4u

    I’d like to buy another bot code to use. But not at the expense of having to lose to the code again. So Im hopin there is some resolve that I can use to help me get my bot back in my room again. love writing scripts and creating games for bot…hope someone has answer???

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