Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone & iPad!

Camfrog Video Chat for iPad and iPhone are now both available for purchase in iTunes.  Both apps allow you to join Camfrog Video Chat rooms for audio chat, or video chat one-on-one privately with your friends.  Obviously the iPad doesn’t yet have a webcam, but you can still view your iPhone and Camfrog desktop application friends one-on-one.

If the apps are popular and get good reviews we’ll try to add room video chat also.  Room video chat uses a lot of CPU so we are still working to try to make it possible on a mobile device.

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15 thoughts on “Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone & iPad!

  1. pf_s

    Hello ADMIN!
    I very need , we must best developer system Linux , Camfrog Video Chat For Linux. Thanks!!!

  2. tucholsky

    great admin i love to hear about this.. android is very nice stable and a iphone killer smile 🙂 i have an HTC Desire i would like to be a beta tester for android version..


    Admin, what’s happening? my BOT PROs are said NOT VALID. I purchased them at Cleverbridge. Someone said that there is an error on CF system now, so that’s why the prob occur. Could you Update this! Thank you before


  4. tucholsky

    naga ? do buy the codes before dezember ? 1 code one bot !
    at version 5 only works 1 per bot too


    Tucholsky, I bought them before Dec. 10. I knew about the “New Policy on Pro” and the Bot 5.0, anyway. Thanks. But, I think this case is so rampant. Not only me, but also friends of mine got this prob.


    Admin, everything is running well now. My bots are all back to normal. They are not invalid as I worried about. Thanks a lot.

  7. Ricky

    Hi there! I have just purchased Camfrog Pro for the iPhone. Great app! Any idea when chat room video is going to be available? Also, please include a font size option, everybody is complaining about my font size being too small on desktops…

    Anxiously waiting for chat room video support for the iPhone!


  8. HeyCrackerPassTheSunChips

    Please add video chat in room support! I haven’t been able to use cf on on the computer and even If I can only see one cam at a time it would be a great supplement. PLEASE!

  9. 1NiGHTMaRE

    Camfrog for android! (Y) hope it comes out soon, this is what ive been waiting for ^_^

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