Camfrog Client 2.1.3070 (Mac OS X) Released

Camfrog Mac 2.1.3070 is now available for download. This new Camfrog software version fixes some problems some Camfrog users were having including upside down video for some users and more.

If you experience any crashes or major problems with this new client version please go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support”.

Download Camfrog Mac 2.1

7 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 2.1.3070 (Mac OS X) Released

  1. Admin, Thank you help us, I also like to export system logs to a central log collector. That way, when a computer crashes and I’m at home, there might be something I can see remotely virtual desktop using Iceop tool as that’ll tell me what happened. It’s also useful in the undesirable case when your computer is update mac os when comprised and the attackers fix again all the logs on the Camfrog log not working my laptop using’s macbook.

    Thank you Best of Regard’s

  2. Eric

    You’d think they could put in an option for video always on top in the CF Mac version. It’s a real pain always having to go the window…bring videos to front menu option every time.

  3. Jhonyn

    I just tried the 6.0 for windows, I use it at work and it is WONDERFUL! I LOVE IT!!! I am in love with the HD cam, skins! Why those PC users get to have all those nice things and we mac users are left with the bland version. Please hurry our update please to match please?

  4. dannnnn

    Good job, on Mac version but, mouse hover over room list takes way too long to show details – unusable. Also, be nice to mouse over person’s vid window for details, too. Make room always stay under videos – I a;ways have to “bring all videos to front, crazy. Can’t choose “show all text in a simple black font” for rooms, was good feature in Windows version. Can’t copy name to clipboard on friends list. Also, I had to select “always use old rendering system” in order to see any videos at all! Now, I can’t find where to switch back to new system – any clues? Thanks, keep up the good work!

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