Camfrog 6.0 is live!

Camfrog 6.0 for Windows is now available for download.

This new client has an all new UI,  HD high resolution video for one-on-one connections, audio echo cancellation, video and audio snapshots, full screen one-on-one video, and improved video quality.  This 6.0 version is also ready for our new audio modes that will be available with our new Camfrog Server software.  We hope to release new Camfrog Server versions with new audio modes and a new Mac version soon.

Camfrog 6.0 (Windows) Screenshots

We have also updated our Camfrog Video Chat website to work with this new software version.

So far the early feedback we have seen has requested that we bring back the ability to change font sizes and colors again, and the ability to add your favorite rooms to your contact list instead of the internal video chat room list.  You can add your favorite rooms to your contact list by right clicking your contact list and choosing “show rooms”.

We are considering bringing back font changes for rooms and IM messages.  Please continue to give us your constructive feedback so we can continue to improve our software.

Thanks for using Camfrog and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Download Camfrog 6.0 (Windows)Change List

Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone & iPad!

Camfrog Video Chat for iPad and iPhone are now both available for purchase in iTunes.  Both apps allow you to join Camfrog Video Chat rooms for audio chat, or video chat one-on-one privately with your friends.  Obviously the iPad doesn’t yet have a webcam, but you can still view your iPhone and Camfrog desktop application friends one-on-one.

If the apps are popular and get good reviews we’ll try to add room video chat also.  Room video chat uses a lot of CPU so we are still working to try to make it possible on a mobile device.

Get Camfrog for iPhone

Get Camfrog for iPad

Camfrog Client 2.1.3070 (Mac OS X) Released

Camfrog Mac 2.1.3070 is now available for download. This new Camfrog software version fixes some problems some Camfrog users were having including upside down video for some users and more.

If you experience any crashes or major problems with this new client version please go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support”.

Download Camfrog Mac 2.1