New Camfrog Pro Serial Changes Starting December 10th

Starting December 10th all Camfrog Pro client, server, and bot serial numbers will only work with one nickname at a time.  The Camfrog Terms of Service have always made it clear that shared serials will be deactivated and they will not be replaced.

We decided to make this change because we found some Camfrog users were sharing their Camfrog Pro serial with their friend, then their friend would share the serial number with someone else and the serial number would eventually deactivate due to sharing.  With this new Camfrog Pro serial number system in place it will be even clearer that Camfrog Pro serials have always been and will always be for one person only.

Please note that Camfrog Pro serials use an extremely high level of encryption similar to what online banks use and they cannot be guessed or stolen.  Please don’t download files from strangers and never submit your serial number in an online web form unless the domain is because it’s probably a phishing website that will steal your serial number.  We never ask users for their serials unless there is a problem and only if the user contacts us first.  Please review our Camfrog Security Tips page.