Logon Problems October 8

It appears some users are having trouble logging on to Camfrog but the vast majority are having no problems at all.

We are unable to recreate the issue even after testing from several remote locations.  It may be network problems with our host.  Hopefully we will find the cause soon if it’s something within our control.  If it’s network problems then hopefully they should correct themselves in the next hours.

Thanks for your patience.  Hop on!

Update:  We found some DNS issues from a server upgrade and logons should be working again as your DNS updates.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update October 13: We had an unexpected network problem with our data center.  Everything seems to be OK now, but until we find the cause we may have another outage.

52 thoughts on “Logon Problems October 8

  1. edu

    we’r really waiting and we hearng new version 6.0 Please just fix all problem cause we need log on camfrog 8) ..


    haist.. i cant log in :@:@:@:@:@:@ what happen :'( please fix it as soon as possble… :@:@:@:@:@:@:

  3. PHI_YATOT_1968

    hard connection also here in the philipines most of the users cannot log in 🙁


    i can’t connect to camfrog server for 1 hour .. by now. i’m from ITALY


    ITALY HERE … no connection on camfrog todayyyyyyyyyy 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. PHI_YATOT_1968

    sir admin i have a favor i want to experience to have a pro code but i cannot buy because i dont have money 🙂 may u help me to experience that 🙂



  8. bigg311420

    don’t know what yall are doing but i can not get on camfrog 10/8010 12:10 PM
    this has been goin on all day think yall can fix it some thing to day

  9. Custos

    I don’t know if this is related or not but if it helps here it is (directed to the admin). Earlier today I was logged into camfrog on my iPhone using the camfrog app. During this time I was logged out and was told someone else had logged onto my account. Naturally I logged back in and quickly changed my password. All was well and I wasn’t logged off again. However, about 30 minutes later I log off and havn’t been able to log on since (a situation a few others seem to be having). Could these two inncidance be connected? Should you wish further information or wish to discuss this with me, you have access to my e-mail address.


  10. cme12342000

    This will force your DNS to be fixed – so you login faster..

    ipconfig /flushdns

    This will tell your DNS to check for current information.

    I did this and logged in right away.


  11. IcedFire

    I can recreate it. I log on from usa, can’t connect. I vpn to UK and log on, connects immediately. back and forth back and forth, same time repeatedly. one works, the other does not.

    And from looking at room numbers, this is not affecting just a small amount of persons.


    Yeah, that’s frustrating. Not only trouble in logging on client video chat, but also on Camfrog server. Many rooms disappeared and triggered some disputes among users. Some said that the core problem is the dedicated server where camfrog server is located, others said there is a kind of “purge” against “illegal” pro client, bot, and server. But now is clear obvious. Thanks for the info and keep struggling for overcoming the problem you got.

    All the best

  13. kajoan

    Yes really sickening, i have pay for my pro code n own a room which i pay 2 , fed up for the last few days , are u gonna help us to pay for the room???? cant even use it as i cant log in, fed up!! not an happy bunny

  14. PHI_YATOT_1968

    mr admin i have a question 777_ALL_STAR_AVENU3_777 <on this room it has only have 20 points vg but in the roomlist it had platinum flame ?



    I got the same “phenomenon” like that. lols. My co_owner had 10 poin, but in the user list he had platinum flame. The more “dramatic” was yesterday. I put 10 point to my BOT 3 days before, but yesterday, OMG, she had 1001 poin in the room. However, such “GIFT” will back to “normal” soon. 🙂 To be honest, I wanna get that “Phenomenal GIFT” for now. Loolz


  16. PHI_YATOT_1968

    nagabrahman 🙂

    me too i have 10 points vg now i want to have error so my vg became 1001 points or 2002 points 😀

    may i know ur id in cf sir nagab so i will add you 🙂

  17. PHI_YATOT_1968

    sir admin i have a problem lately but i resolve it
    i just want to share so if someone encounter this problem they know what they do

    this problem is aboot the audio settings in camfrog that u cannot hear anything in room but u can hear the sounds of your pc the error is not in camfrog

    to fix it u will reinstall your realtek or what we called your audio driver 🙂

    just sharing 🙂 🙂


    Sure, PHI. NAGABRAHMAN is my ID. You may add me. Anyway, nice to meet U. 🙂


  19. PHI_YATOT_1968

    sir admin

    why lately some of the users and room in camfrog philipines had been disconnected from the camfrog servers

    is there have server maintenance in our country ?

  20. baybottom

    Its eaarly morning on the 13th of October. Once agaom O was booted from camfrog and cannot log in. I am really getting disgusted with this. I wish camfrog would fix this for once and all. IAM TRYING TO BE PATIENT BUT THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED BY NOW.

  21. mrs_obi_420

    dont know about oct 8 ,, but its oct 13th and i cant login..neither can my friends.. what is going on?

  22. Net

    Just an FYI in case camfrog actually reads these comments: Disconnections are STILL FREQUENT AND PROLONGED. Couldn’t connect to camfrog for hours last night, despite rebooting, reinstalling… Woke up and all was well, now several hours later back to the same trouble.
    Camfrog is signing in (4335)…
    Kind of drag when you’ve spent several hundred dollars on procodes.

    (It’s not just me either, most of my contacts are experiencing similar disconnection issues)

  23. EMBER75

    ENOUGH with the LOGIN / shutdown issues tonight!!!! roll out 6.0 already.. and get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!wow…. 10 disconnects in the last 30 min.. talk about ROOM KILLER!

  24. Yet again we have sign in messages. This has happened around the same time for the last 4 days. Both clients and servers sign in and out.


    Thanks for the update!
    You can overcome this problem. I believe. But, we all desire to install 6.0 as soon as possible. lols

    All the best

  26. Old_bayron

    I can’t sign on too.
    Sign on with pro code need deactivate to sign on
    I can’t log in to the Camfrog for the last 1hour, what has happened!?
    Thank you

  27. PHI_YATOT_1968

    yah install 6.0 🙂 i request that in 6.0 all users can see there relationship status on window so w know who are single or married 🙂 long life camfrog 🙂 unexpired vg also 🙂


    🙂 Lool PHI looolz. 🙂 Keep your dream on that last idea: Unexpired VG. I’ll pray for you… LMFAO…

    Anyway, I got no problem in signing in on Oct 13th and 14th. Even, I could install 4 rooms in my new windows server on Oct 13. No prob at all.


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