Camfrog Client 5.5.241 (Windows) Released

Hello Windows Users,

Camfrog Client 5.5.236 for Windows is now available for Download.

This new software version has a new simplified installer, a new way of logging on to that is more efficient, plus several bug and security fixes.  We recommend all Camfrog Windows users upgrade as soon as possible.

Download Camfrog 5.5.241 (Windows)Change List

36 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.5.241 (Windows) Released


    Yeah, you are right! lools. I downloaded the new version also a week ago (via Mirror 1). Thanks a lot for the info, Casper. 😉 Hmm, we are among the first ones who have been enjoying this stuff before Camfrog publicly released it. haha.

    Good Job, Camfrog.


  2. EviL_Lil_PeaNuT

    Im still waiting for the 6.0 Version of camfrog to come out, thats the one I want, in the hopes it lets us change skins by having them integrated into the new 6.0 frog. I downloaded this new non 6.0 yesterday, and its exactally the same to me as the last one, no difference, so maybe that one is just a version with no more bugs in it im asuming. Still cant wait for the 6.0 Admins. Much Love as always<333

  3. Jamie Toastfig

    Nice to see that in the installer it now STATES that it is to be used be those aged 18 and over. Could we now remove all under 18 accounts, and actually enforce this in camfrog owned rooms.

  4. martin_69_70

    What bug fixes !!!!!
    damn CF still crashes out EVERY time you are disconnected or leave a room
    even close an IM box crashes the program out still at times
    fixes i dont think so

  5. admin

    Martin, please send us crash logs if possible so we can try to recreate this.

    Please run the latest Camfrog with the debug command line parameter. To do so follow these steps:

    1. Open the folder where Camfrog is installed on your PC. Default path to it is C:Program FilesCamfrogCamfrog Video Chat.
    2. In Windows Start menu choose Run… Clear the Open field if it is not empty.
    3. Drag and drop Camfrog Video Chat.exe from the folder to Run dialog. Path should appear in Open field. It should look like “C:Program FilesCamfrogCamfrog Video ChatCamfrog Video Chat.exe”.
    4. Place a cursor to the end of the line and add a space. Type the world debug after the space. In this example the Open field contains “C:Program FilesCamfrogCamfrog Video ChatCamfrog Video Chat.exe” debug.

    Press OK to run Camfrog in debug mode. Please reproduce all the multimedia problems you have. After that close the Camfrog application or in case of freeze just kill Camfrog Video Chat.exe process in the process list.
    Now take a look at your desktop. You should see the folder called camfrog_390_dbg_logs.
    Right-click the folder and select Send To -> Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Now you have a file located on your desktop. Please send us this file to the email address

  6. eyesineyes

    I am using a HP laptop with ATI Mobile Radeon HD 3400 series graphic card and latest driver, and a Windows 7 system. But How come I still cannot use the new rendering system?!

    And both new rendering system and old rendering system work the weird way! For example, if I set the widnow size of the cam to normal size, the video quality is acceptable. But if I set it, by default, to Medium size, then the edges in the video will be full of zig zags, even if I set it up with the old rendering system, it is still full of sawteeth.

    But on my other laptop with old Radeon 9600 Mobile and windows XP, if I set it to old rendering system, no matter how big the size of the video window, the video is always smooth!!

    Please help!

  7. admin

    Eyes, please upgrade your graphics drivers from the ATI website to solve the problem.

  8. SoljaBear

    Prior to installing the new driver did you remove the old driver first? Thats the first rule when changing drivers on any videocard. You can not simply overwrite the old driver file.

  9. admin

    Eyesineyes, if that’s correct then please send us your log files so we can investigate. Thank you.

  10. MavericK_56

    Sorry for not posting in the right topic but I totally agree with what Old_bayron said:

    – When will Camfrog for iPhone will be compatible with iOS 4??

    I posted a comment on the Camfrog’s Appstore page to describe all the bugs but my comment is still not validated…

    I decided to not mail the helpdesk because we ALWAYS have no answer!

    To summarize, today, iPhone version of Camfrog doesn’t work. What a shame!!

    So, if a developper wants to IM me, it will be a pleasure…

    Admin, it could be nice if you could transmit my message.

    MavericK_56, Francophone Room Owner

  11. Brakuldo

    I installed the lastest version, but can not adjust the video settings, hence no video on my cam and can’t view video of members in rooms. I’m located here in the UAE does ty location has to do something with it? I’m using an Acer laptop with windows7 home on it.

  12. Freddie

    Forgot the Mac-version ???

    For macusers, new winversions of camfrog is useless. No doubt about that, since many dont want to install parallels or similar software just to run camfrog.

    I’m an owner to a white 2006 iMac. The microphone is not working in the free version (thats a bit odd, dont you think?), and i have tried to get in contact with camfrog several times.

    If you have put the work on a new macversion with fixes on rest – please let us know – or at least give us som fixes for the sound, – and videoproblems.


  13. CPU usage issues really need to be addressed , admittedly I’m using an old laptop (HP DV5000 1gb RAM) but I even noticed the CPU hogging on other newer laptops , the CPU usage is just too high , something really which needs to be addressed if ever 6.0 is released in the near future , if I had my way and really could I go back to 3.4 I’m sure a majority of the ”old skool” camfroggers agree , $50 for a pro code , I often wonder where the money goes at all , servers crashing left right and centre , really needs to be addressed.

    Time to pull the socks up Camshare , I used to recommend people to come on here but these days , the program isnt reliable enough as it keeps crashing , ironically , I’ll be on and off but still something needs to be done.

    All the best.


  14. admin


    CPU usage is determined by how many video windows you open up. You can reduce the CPU usage by opening less windows if you have a slower computer. 6.0 will not use less CPU, but it won’t use more.

    About “servers crashing left right and center” our servers have never crashed. Any downtime was caused by network problems.

    Version 3.4 was fine if you don’t want high resolution video, but having higher resolution video will always use more CPU. Room owners can set their rooms to whatever resolution they want to decrease CPU usage of users who visit the room.

    Regardless of all of this we are working on decreasing CPU usage, but if you are going to open a ton of video windows you’re always going to see a lot of cpu/bandwidth usage. That’s how video works.

  15. Appreciate your quick response , glad to hear you’re working on decreasing the CPU , I shall wait as I have no choice but to. :p

    Ian 🙂

    P.S. Any way of getting pro codes refreshed???

    Over the years I bought a few but my email account was hacked (still have the emails though) unfortunately the codes were shared a bit more than once and in turn being declared null and void , nearly 500 dollars I spent on them sad I know but it was good to have them (all above board I assure you)

  16. admin

    To get help you’ll need to have the full codes and all the order info so we can confirm they really belong to you. Sometimes people send us shared codes that don’t belong to them and ask us to send them a new one and we don’t replace codes that you didn’t buy.

  17. Can Camfrog not change something with the colours in the rooms.
    Camfrog has now red green blue and black.
    Can the camfrog not get a colours more like gold the king of the room.
    And that they can make only 1 King.
    And is also responsible is in that room if something happens in that room.
    And that king his ID most also have the same email address what the room also have.
    It’s just an idea.
    Some times I get crazy all that what they make red in the rooms.
    Some people take over serd ID’s and store IP’s to attack the owners from that rooms.
    And who knows there can make a limit in the camfrog rooms to only five people what they can make red for 1 room.

    Oke thanks for reading this.

  18. stephanre

    Wrong version number in text!
    “Camfrog Client 5.5.236 for Windows is now available for Download.”
    It’s 5.5.241,isn’t it? 😉

  19. rustman

    why do you keep on banning members and rooms in the philippines? if your reason is no nudity, then what about rooms in europe?

  20. Colossus1

    My profile is unable to log into camfrog: if I try to log in it says: “camfrog client module has stopped working”

    The weird and frustrating thing about this is: my wife can stil log in under her name, and I tried logging in with a new nickname, and it was also possible to log in with the new name.

    I even tried logging in from another pc, and it worked!
    So WHY can’t I log in with the nickname I’ve been using for so many years all of a sudden???!!!

    I tried the camfrog debug option, and camfrog cannot find the .exe file!

    Please help me to log in under my old nickname again!

  21. Doug

    I am just wondering why running the new 5.5.241 on Win7, together with ANY other virtual cam program (to show photos, videos, effects, etc.) always leads to a blue screen of death?
    Camfrog sofware itself runs fine but as soon as you activate a virtual cam (webcammmax, manycam, splitcam, camtrack, etc) the system gets really unstable. Any suggestion?


    @ Rustman: Not only the Philippines, but also Indonesia, Thailand and China. Did you know that Camfrog has “another” TOS just especially for our zone? Yeah, no nudity is allowed there, even at 18+? Why? It simply because Camfrog wanna be (or just wanna be assumed to be) IN LINE with the anti-pornography policy in those countries. It would be a big financial catastrophe if agents of law from those countries take “administrative” action against Camfrog. If so, no doubt, Camfrog will lost of thousands users which means the lost of thousands dollars. That’s why Camfrog issues the “another” TOS as a way to avoid the possibility of being banned from those countries. I call the the TOS as “a mask politics” of Camfrog. Rustman, I am sure you are very familiar with the term “double standard”. Politically speaking, your question above is very close to exactly related to that term. Think! 😉

    @Camfrog: if my analysis is true, so why did you not close all 18+? Government agents of law in those countries still consider you as one of pornographic sites, and has to be banned as other ones, if there are still pornographic activities in zones like Europe and/or America. I know you realize about this issue. As an Indonesian Camfroger I would like to suggest you to re-think about ‘the mask politics ‘ which is, to me, simply a ridiculous thing and will be in vain by product. My recommendation: close all 18+ area OR set up one special zone for Asians that allows NUDITY. Japan is a good choice if you agree with my idea. what do u think? 😉


  23. Jamesinheaven

    Back in January, the guy below reported something I’m now seeing on the current version, where the green eyes on a user that is viewing you, disappear (so they appear not to be viewing you). This only seems to happen after a fairly lengthy amount of time. Does anyone know if this is the server software (rooms running the new ‘Popular’ code) or a client based problem.

    Otherwise, this version is spot on for me: Good work guys.
    Alessandro68 Says:
    January 11th, 2010 at 1:46 am

    I dont know if someone reported already this problem.
    If you enter the rooms using the new 5.0 BETA and (pop), after a while the green little eye disappear and you can not see who is watching on you. This cause some problems as you can imagine…friends asking why i dont look at them…It happens only with rooms using new BETA version and user using new camfrog version.

  24. SoljaBear

    I know this is in the wrong area. Since we can not start a post, this is the alternative. When is Camfrog going to have a real user forum? The camfrogislive forum appears to be only for operators and owners. It is biased in that way. I remember hte old forum we had here before. I went there and was able to see one of my posts from july 2004 which was rather kool.

  25. enzo

    Great feature suggestion
    It would be great to have an option to automatically open and put on the foreground the video of whoever is talking in a room. A checkbox near the place where the names of the speakers appears would do that nicely.

    This feature come to my mind when i was in a room, and I had the video size set to very big so most video overlapped and i cannot watch all the cam simultaneously. Then i kept clicking on the name of who was talking and was very funny to see the cams of the speakers pop up. In this way i could watch the speakers in a convenient way (i like to see the face of who is talking).

    This feature should be very easy to implement and it would add a great value to the user experience, so in my opinion it has a high benefit/cost ratio.

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