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New Virtual Gifts (August)

This month we introduced some new virtual gifts for the August like this hot pink elephant. Come check out our new gifts like this one on the room and user virtual gift pages.

New Gifts: Pink Elephant, Ham, Latte, Round Pizza

Camfrog Eyes Over Local Video

Are the Camfrog logo eyes stuck over your face and you can’t figure out how to remove them?

Occasionally a Camfrog user will email us and say that the Camfrog eyes logo are stuck over their face and they cannot be removed.  Fortunately it’s very easy to remove the Camfrog eyes from your video.  To remove the Camfrog eyes from your video right click your local video window and uncheck “Camfrog eyes” from the menu.

If you want to turn on the Camfrog eyes and try out this feature you can also activate them this same way.  Thanks for showing off your Camfrog eyes!

Camfrog Client 5.5.241 (Windows) Released

Hello Windows Users,

Camfrog Client 5.5.236 for Windows is now available for Download.

This new software version has a new simplified installer, a new way of logging on to that is more efficient, plus several bug and security fixes.  We recommend all Camfrog Windows users upgrade as soon as possible.

Download Camfrog 5.5.241 (Windows)Change List