New Camfrog Bot Released (Windows & Linux)

Camfrog Bot 5.0.42 for Windows and 5.0.20 for Linux are now available for download. To start downloading the application you will need a Bot serial number.

These new versions of our Bot software have stability enhancements for Bot nickname registrations and logons. Please check out our new Bot help page to learn how to use the new software.

Download Camfrog Bot (Windows & Linux)

11 thoughts on “New Camfrog Bot Released (Windows & Linux)


    Wow, nice info. Thanks. I will try this new Bot right away. Hope it run better than the previous one and absent from any bugs. ameen 🙂



    I missed one thing. The only ‘weakness’ of the previous BOT version is that there is no module setting for anti thumbs down, glaring font (yellow, lime, and aqua), small font size. could you please fix this thing? thx;)

  3. The first Bot of new verison are running one bot per one code. But should running 2 bots by one code.. can you fix it… or this new verison will allow two bots with one codes?


    Nice idea Froxy. I totally agree with you. But, this new version is 100% same to the previous one relating on the Camfrog marketing philosophy “one bot one serial”. lools.

  5. frogfuzion

    Ooo new version, does the linux version allow adding new bots without having to restart the service?

  6. frogfuzion

    Thanks for the update, logging in 20+ bots on the bot server doesn’t require manually starting the other bots after reaching the 6 bot connection limit.


    @Aussiesly: I’ve installed the new bot without having to re add anything. It is simply like installing the new Kermit version over the older one. 🙂

  8. videoeditor84

    I noticed that when I made a new screen name for my bot, it has now disabled location searches for my bot as well as hidden all profile information. Is there a way to fix this so the profile information can be visible to the public and that I can do a location search on my bot like I used to be able to do. Thanks.

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