New Camfrog Virtual Gifts (June)

Today we introduced some new virtual gifts for June like this ice cream cone to help cool you down during the hot summer. Come check out our new gifts like this one on the room and user virtual gift pages.

New User Gifts: Cowboy Hat, Hockey Stick, Ice Cream, Lime

If you’re watching the World Cup don’t forget you can share a soccer ball gift with your friends.

16 thoughts on “New Camfrog Virtual Gifts (June)

  1. admin

    Good question, I enjoyed that page a lot and it mysteriously got deleted yesterday. We have no idea what happened and we asked Facebook via their recommended web forms but they haven’t replied so far. If you figure out what happened let me know.

    Now there is some fake Camfrog Facebook fan page run by users who pretend to be us that is all misspelled, very lame…

  2. admin

    Maclover, if you could file a complaint with Facebook we would appreciate it, thanks.

  3. plaintif

    I laugh, I complain a facebook, you will be grateful to me, at what point, when I saw that already tell you there is a concern, you take us for fools!

    I complain to facebook,would appreciate it:d it’s ok

  4. I like the new virtual gifts. I just have one question though. When the heck is Camfrog going to just release a tar.gz of the linux server source so you’re not stuck with RHEL/Fedora/Centos?


    Sorry Admin, this out of context: I just got an ultra-ridiculous rumor that Camfrog will ban any room using the word “INDONESIA”. The rumor said that there was an ‘agreement’ between Camfrog and Indonesian Police Department, stating that rooms using INDONESIA will NOT BE ALLOWED anymore. Is that true?


  6. Jamie Toastfig

    Yet still no hostmask bans, Banning of hostmask and indent as IRC do would be the most useful way of banning persistant offenders. In the right hands hostmask bans are very powerful and effective things, in the wrong hands though, you can ban a whole isp, or country. Just give us the ability to do something that has been around in chat for well over 15 years.


    hello admin from what i can the favebook page was ban some off my mate face boks was two there looking in two it and sort there facebook so it back two working order i wil asked a bout camfrog one and give u a up on it if i get a reply

  8. Greenzilla

    Are you serious?? These stupid virtual gifts are pointless. I mean come on…. an Ice cream cone?? Why don’t you invest your time making some worthwhile changes to this old program, and breathe some new life into it? Maybe some IM environments like on yahoo, except for in the chat room. I have used camfrog for about 6 years now, and the only thing you’ve added to it are these moronic virtual gifts, to get people to spend their money. I’ve bought several pro codes in the past, but feel like it was a waste of money, because now i’m bored, and am always looking for a new program to spark my interest. DO SOMETHING!!! You’re losing us!

  9. admin

    Greenzilla, a relaunch of our software and website will take place this summer. We also have a new iPhone app that is fun for iPhone users and we plan to spend more time on mobile development.
    Once the new software/website is out we plan to quickly add completely new features.

  10. littlered42

    I agree with Greenzilla, I have been using frog for the same amount if not longer than him, and I get bored of it VERY easily. you need to integrate something into the rooms, or even the IM windows allowing user to user fun or interest. It needs some umph, games, maybe more emotes, maybe some sounds even.. who knows your the experts not me. and yes the new iphone app.. only catered towards those with an iphone, what about the rest of us!

  11. herbivore

    Cross Platform would be nice too… I know for a fact there are *tons* of linux users on Camfrog.. This single application is literally the only reason for windows being installed on my pc!

  12. Greenzilla good saying
    I am happy to turn that off lol.
    Can camfrog not invest some time on this.

    Can Camfrog not change something with the colours in the rooms.
    Camfrog has now red green blue and black.
    Can the camfrog not get a colours more like gold the king of the room.
    And that they can make only 1 King.
    And is also responsible is in that room if something happens in that room.
    And that king his ID most also have the same email address what the room also have.
    It’s just an idea.
    Some times I get crazy all that what they make red in the rooms.
    Some people take over serd ID’s and store IP’s to attack the owners from that rooms.
    And who knows there can make a limit in the camfrog rooms to only five people what they can make red for 1 room.

    Oke thanks for reading this.

  13. Macguiver

    I think, that if you don’t want someone to be considered an OWNER of a chatroom, don’t make them an owner πŸ™‚

  14. CasperPL

    Hello admin

    Where room SignLanguage it get offline today ,and what happen did bug room ?


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