Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Tips

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone has been available for several days now in the Apple App Store.  Please download Camfrog Voice Chat if you haven’t already.  There are a few other interesting things you can do with our iPhone app that you may not have realized.

Camfrog iPhone Tips

1.  Settings – To get to the Camfrog Voice Chat settings go to your iPhone settings, then scroll down to where it says “Voice Chat”.

2.  Allow Screen Dimming – Are you tired of the Camfrog screen always dimming while you are chatting?  You can stop all screen dimming while using Camfrog.  Please note you may use more battery power while using this setting.

3.  Incoming Message Sounds – You can turn incoming instant message sounds on and off.

4.  Phone Mode – Do you want to talk to your friend privately via audio chat but you don’t want everyone in the room to hear?  Switch to phone mode and you can speak to your friend just like when you are talking on the phone.  The audio will work through the normal phone speaker and microphone.  Once this setting is on hold the phone to your face normally like you would with a normal phone call.

We hope you’re enjoying the new iPhone app.  We hope to introduce private video in the future along with other features.  Thanks for using Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone.

Download Camfrog Voice Chat (iPhone)

11 thoughts on “Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Tips

  1. I have found a bug guys,

    When you invite someone to the room from a pc. The link that it send to the user “i would like you to join such and such” dosent work from the iphone. It send the IM but the link is not click able from the iphone.

  2. admin

    Ausnet, we will investigate.

    Eloy, we may add one on one video first, then figure out room video later.
    For now it’s called “Camfrog Voice Chat” because it’s voice only.

  3. Just found what could be a feature bug. We all know that you get the best quailty sound with about 2-3 audio bars on a pc or mac. Well I have found that the audio chat has very low output. U can hear it but u have to have it near ur ear but it cones out the loud speaker. It’s fine on a pc just not on the amp. Maybe a preamplifier might help I dunno


  4. MistaAgress

    what happend with windows mobile version of camfrog ?
    the smartphone with win mobile 6.5 and higher has all more then 600 mhz marvel cpus.. i hope you make an update for wm version of camfrog too.. not everyone can buy an 600 euro iphpone.. best regards

  5. admin


    Ask Microsoft. They stopped support their own OS and replaced it with Windows 7 mobile, so we can no longer continue to develop for it. We have to rewrite everything from scratch if we decide to develop for them.

  6. MistaAgress

    but an update to go in rooms is make able or not ?
    windows mobile 7 is planed for sep 2011

    in this month comes out win mobile 6.6
    hmmm crazy

  7. Aussiee


    Hello, my server use linux server , why camfrog not set botserver same with Camfrog Advanced Video Chat Room Server , i think better if used if, coz i confused if create new bot and bored with many configuration.


  8. Overclocked

    Quick question regarding Camfrog for iPhone

    Is it supported on the iPod 3rd Generation? I downloaded it onto my iPod Touch 3rd Gen. (firmware 3.1.3) and everything works fine except for the audio. When I use the headset that came with the iPod (has built in mic), I can’t hear anyone talk in chatrooms or in private audio chats , nor can they hear me. Same outcome applies to any other piece of equipment I plug into the iPod.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Congrats to all at Camfrog, I was able to connect to Camfrog this morning, Happy Memorial day to you all. 🙂

  10. MistaAgress

    hehe walter ..smilee
    you too… Overclocked i think its an ipod an multimedia player not a hpone oder Pocletpc… but by the way i hope camfrog makes an update for windows mobile too.. a last good update for version 6.5 with roomchatting its
    reconommend for all the htc’s, samsung’s ang lg’s smartphones on Windows mobile

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