Camfrog Outage 5/17

Early this morning we planned to release a central server update that would allow Camfrog for iPhone users to receive push notifications to their phones.  Unfortunately we ended up having unexpected problems and we had a two hour downtime.

After the unexpected problems we found yet another problem where some users could not see videos from other users.  We just now disconnected all Camfrog rooms to solve this problem.  If you are seeing the message that you can’t see another user due to an old version please try signing your client on and off again.

If you are still having problems please let us know.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Update 5/18 – The internal video chat room list and room locator service will be offline until tonight sometime between 9PM and midnight CST.  Sorry for any inconvenience. We could reboot the entire system to solve this immediately, but we would prefer to fix this tonight instead and avoid a reboot.  Please note that you can join any rooms manually as usual from your contact list or you can visit to view the list of rooms.

Update 5/29 – There seem to be some network problems for some users in the US, EU, and Asia.  Hopefully they will clear up soon, sorry for any inconvenience.  If you are already on Camfrog you will not see any problems however if you try to sign on now you may see a long delay.  Just be patient and your client will eventually sign on again.

Update 5/30 – It appears the logon problem has returned.  It will probably continue to happen intermittently until our network provider finds the cause.  If they do not find the cause soon we will plan to switch providers.

Update 5/31 – Our team has been working for over 40 hours now during the US Holiday while trying to determine a way to solve this problem.  When they find a solution I will update you.  Any downtime is unacceptable and we spend major time and money to make sure it never happens, but this situation is unique and unexpected in a way we could never prepare for in advance.

Update 5/31 (2nd Update) – Our team is still trying to solve the problem.  I will probably not update again until we have made some progress.  Thanks for your patience.

Update 6/2 – We think we have determined the cause of the problem.  Changes have been made to avoid the problem in the future, but we cannot promise the problem will not resurface.  Ribbit.

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Tips

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone has been available for several days now in the Apple App Store.  Please download Camfrog Voice Chat if you haven’t already.  There are a few other interesting things you can do with our iPhone app that you may not have realized.

Camfrog iPhone Tips

1.  Settings – To get to the Camfrog Voice Chat settings go to your iPhone settings, then scroll down to where it says “Voice Chat”.

2.  Allow Screen Dimming – Are you tired of the Camfrog screen always dimming while you are chatting?  You can stop all screen dimming while using Camfrog.  Please note you may use more battery power while using this setting.

3.  Incoming Message Sounds – You can turn incoming instant message sounds on and off.

4.  Phone Mode – Do you want to talk to your friend privately via audio chat but you don’t want everyone in the room to hear?  Switch to phone mode and you can speak to your friend just like when you are talking on the phone.  The audio will work through the normal phone speaker and microphone.  Once this setting is on hold the phone to your face normally like you would with a normal phone call.

We hope you’re enjoying the new iPhone app.  We hope to introduce private video in the future along with other features.  Thanks for using Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone.

Download Camfrog Voice Chat (iPhone)

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Now Available

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone is now available in the Apple App Store.  Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

This new free Camfrog mobile voice chat software for iPhone allows you to register a Camfrog nickname or logon to your current nickname.  You can also IM your friends, voice chat privately with your contacts, voice chat in large voice chat rooms with lots of users, and browse the Camfrog user directory and message other users.

Some of you may ask why we have no video chat.  If the voice chat version is used by a lot of people and we receive a positive response we will probably add a one-on-one video feature, then consider adding a video chat room feature.  For now though we are still figuring out the most efficient way to add video to a small mobile screen and still stay within Apple App Store guidelines.

Some rooms that don’t allow users with webcams will not currently allow Camfrog Voice Chat mobile users, but we plan to add a setting to Camfrog Server in the future so you can allow in mobile users if you want.

Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy this new free software.

Download Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone FREE

Phishing Email Alert – Fake Esellerate Order Email

Yesterday our helpdesk began to get email bounces from a phishing email that appears to be sent from Morocco.  The email makes itself look like it’s an Esellerate order for Camfrog Pro, but the download link is changed where it links to a virus hosted by an ISP in France.

We have been working hard to shut the site down and hopefully it will be down soon.

If you received an order email with the name Annabelle for Camfrog Pro and you made no order then please disregard the email and do not click any links in the email.

Thank you.