Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone 1.0

We are excited to announce Camfrog Voice Chat 1.0 for the iPhone has been submitted to the Apple App Store.

Our Camfrog Voice Chat 1.0 version allows you to see your contact list, IM your friends, send snapshots, voice chat privately, join chat rooms, and voice chat and listen in chat rooms.  I have been voice chatting in the chat rooms over the past few months testing and it’s really fun, plus it even works over 3G and Edge.

Why no video? We decided to release this first app version as soon as possible then if it’s popular and gets good feedback we will consider adding private one on one video, then maybe eventually chat room video.  We’ll keep you updated and let you know when the app is accepted and available to download via the Blog!

32 thoughts on “Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone 1.0

  1. hunta

    carnt wait bets it makes a fortune , carnt wait al be able to be on camfrog all the time !!


    Will it be pro code based at all like the original camfrog client to get special features ?

  3. admin

    Spooks, it’s free.

    Blackmanathome, we are investigating Android.

    The app was delayed because Apple requested some UI changes for how the disconnect message appears when leaving a room, so we have to resubmit. We’ll get it done though and hopefully resubmit Monday/Tuesday.

  4. eric

    This is off-topic since I can’t comment on the post I was trying to post on. So I apologize for the off-topic comment.
    RE: Mac 1.9 – 2.1 upgrade
    I understand the mac version does not support powerpcs anymore.
    But why…. why didn’t you warn the users through the upgrade popup notification?
    I was running 1.9 perfectly with no problems but I figured well this annoying pop up keeps telling me to upgrade so ok I guess I will.
    Now I can’t access camfrog at all. Why isn’t there a link to the old version?
    I realize you ‘do not support’ it but at least a link to the old version would’ve been nice.

    I love using camfrog but you guys really need to put the warnings up front for users. I’m not just talking about Macs either. The same thing happens with the PC upgrades. You boast about a new version and everyone flocks to upgrade it, only to find it causes issues with certain rooms.
    Sorry for the rant, but it’s frustrating when one second you’re using functioning software and the next, you’re locked out and done.

    guess it won’t be long before XP isn’t supported… good times!

  5. eric

    and yes I can still have access on my PC currently.
    So you don’t need to refund my account but a simple up front warning would’ve saved me this trouble.
    a link to the old version would be awesome.

  6. admin


    We have given refunds to everyone who asked about this. The problem was unexpected and there’s nothing we can do.
    We aren’t allowed to distribute the old version anymore because we no longer license that video technology.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Lee

    I’ve heard about delay of the camfrog for iphone. Approximately when would we be able to get it? Thanks for your support for iphone version 🙂

  8. admin

    Our iPhone app had a bug with 3G networking. We have resubmitted Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone to Apple and hopefully it will get accepted soon. Thanks for your patience.


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    i know u have emils from server owners a bout this but note done

  10. Zoomshorts


    We have given refunds to everyone who asked about this. The problem was unexpected and there’s nothing we can do.
    We aren’t allowed to distribute the old version anymore because we no longer license that video technology.”

    As we all were lead to understand from day one that, Camfrog had developed it’s own SDK and video technology. Was this a lie? Was this a license thing? That would have been a lie from the get-go.

    The new incarnations of the video stuff have been less than spectacular, perhaps this is the reason why. Witness “SuperCamfrog”.

  11. Aus Net Servers Australia


    if you choose a proper server company and or host they would have some kind of ddos protection. The first fee things u can do to reduce a ddos attack is one turn on the windows firewall and go to the settings of it look of imcp click settings and unchecked every checkbox. This will stop the server replying to ping requests of any sorts.

    I had servers in the FDC datacentre and have just moved them out to anew facility because their Denver datacentre got ddosed I mean the whole network . That’s really sad when u think of it.

    You should use hardware such as cisco guard or watch guard like we useon all our servers. You can never stop a Botnet or a ddos attack but u can minimize the damage it does to the server

    any good hoster will tell u what I have just said ( not the ones that rent a crappy dedicated, vps or cloud server and say they own it ).

    I have been in the business for 6 years in June. I have seen it all

    WOOOOOT CAMFROG – it’s about time for an iPhone app

    P.S congrats on server 5.0 very well done still a few minor bugs hut your getting there

  12. I for one welcome our new robot overlord.

    On a quick note, i was able to experience the high quality video In SuperCamfrog and my own personal room which was also set to Super Quality.

    Maybe you should upgrade your Graphics card to see these marvels in Technological Breakthroughs.

    In all fairness Camfrog is a Company, like all Company’s they have the up sides and down sides. It just seems that though there are 1000000 Upsides to Camfrog the downsides are being exploded out of proportion and people are making Camfrog out to be a Money hungry fiend of the Social Network industry.

    Let’s see some of you do the work that is needed to build a Program of such complex Sophistication and Sexiness.
    Camfrog is the Pioneer in the Video Chat Industry. I use Skype, Windows Live Meeting, MSN Messanger, and Camfrog. No other program has matched the supreme quality of which Camfrog offers for a $50 charge.

    Here’s to Camfrog who haven’t done a bad job in my eyes.

  13. Camfrog have done a wonderful job, the only peace of constructive critisim is that their helpdesk support is useless. I often send emails and hardley ever get a responce or I do get a responce it’s weeks old. I would like to see camfrog work on that. We have just upgraded all our Seders to Linux to become to first mainstream cfhs hoster to be hosting rooms on Linux vs windows.

    71 rooms all happy on our new servers in Melbourne Australaia – I have to give my hats off to my techs and most importantly camfrog for the fantastic bug free camfrog advanced server 5.0

    if any of you are wanting to setup Linux to host ur rooms it’s very easy!
    Linux is the safest, stabiliest OS out there

    With all that said have we an eta on camfrog for iPhone yet. Apple is sure taking there time

  14. Man! I’d almost pay for the development cost to export Camfrog for OSX to Linux. OSX under the hood is FreeBSD so I know it can be run on *nix. Camfrog is the only reason I still use Windows. Under a VM it still doesn’t work right. Under Wine it doesn’t work right so emulation is not in the question. Camfrog might see it not worth while but think about this. When ChomeOS gets released and people start actually using Linux it’s going to be a big market share you’d already have a footing in. None of the other IM guys have decent clients for Linux. You’re always forced to use third party apps to get IM’s going decently. Also the latest Ubuntu 10.04 is so advanced it actually is better and more intuitive than OSX for me. I know I will have a bunch of bashers based on that comment. Go try the x64 version and say I’m wrong. I just feel video chat should be something on the PC not the phone. I really do wish Camfrog would make a client for Linux. Ubuntu/Debian is the #1 distro so please keep that in mind. Centos is #1 for servers though 🙂 based on the amount of ISO downloads :).

  15. admin

    We may decide to make a Linux version in the fall. We have never had the ability to do so until recently, and I am not 100% if we can do it now or not. We will investigate it more and decide in the fall probably.

  16. ricardo

    For when the app? esou anxious to be able to use the iphone in camfrog.: P

  17. Admin, Whatever I can do to help you out with a Linux version IM me. My Camfrog name is Guitargeek1986. I’ll beta test whatever you need. Piratefish is even willing to work with FreeBSD. I’m an Ubuntu junkie myself.

  18. MistaAgress

    dear admin

    what happend with windows mobile version of camfrog ?
    the smartphone with win mobile 6.5 and higher has all more then 600 mhz marvel cpus.. i hope you make an update for wm version of camfrog too.. not everyone can buy an 600 euro iphpone.. best regards

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