Camfrog Client 5.5.236 (Windows) Released

Hello Windows Users,

Camfrog Client 5.5.236 for Windows is now available for Download.

This software updated uses our new Camfrog video viewing and broadcasting technology.  This new video technology allows you to view more video windows with significantly less CPU usage and it also gives us an opportunity to further improve our video technology more and more as time goes by.

This new client gives us an exciting foundation on which we can improve and we’re now working hard on our completely new 6.0 client software with a new user interface, website, and more.  Thank you for using Camfrog and we hope you enjoy this new version.

Download Camfrog 5.5.236 (Windows)Change List

46 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.5.236 (Windows) Released

  1. admin

    If anyone is having stability problems please visit our help/faq for info on how to send us crash logs.

  2. lefhanded

    The mouse over on cam controls still dont work properly with systems mouse control set to left hand. Any chances you guys ever get to fix that?

  3. freak

    Hello all,i got a serious stability problem,to be more specific i used the version 5.2 till now cause my old laptop has an onboard vga card 64 mb and when i installed the new versions ,i was in big trouble.Suddenly my screen resolution changes to 640×480 and the lowest colour quality so i can not open any cam just to sign on and join the rooms.Can you please help me? thanks for your time .

  4. Zannexx

    Cant play songs in the channel with Windows 7. I’m not sure if this is a windows 7 problem or CF problem..

  5. MistaAgress

    Camfrog 5.5 is very fine !
    less cpu power and less ram usage

    Camfrog 5.5 is not compatible to 5.2 ,5.3 versions in rooms and private
    Camfrog 5.4 is comtaible with 5.5 versions

    The Update is usefull for low power Pc’s

  6. Very buggy. Locks up with windows 7 on room exit . Also issues with cams not opening when other user is not using the same version . Trouble using 3rd party cam software like webcammax cam wont load when displaying a picture. The bugs go on.

  7. DTA_Attitude

    i found that there are a few bugs in 5.5.236 . so far anyone using a 3rd party cam software (manycam, webcammax, etc…) there cams will not load , also if a person puts a pic up on (manycam, webcammax, etc…) there cam will not load . also when i leave a room i get camfrog module error and it crashes. please look into these issues . alot of people have paid $50 for webcammax and no longer can they use it .

  8. MistaAgress

    aussie i say it

    camfrog 5.5 is only down compatible to version 5.4

    only with camfrog 5.3 dont open the cams. a message in room told it that user is using an to old camfrog version.

    im using webcammax 4.2.5 its works very nice

    webcammax 6 and 7 using new fdshow codec and make problems
    the supprot from webcammax told me there working on it

    so its not a camfrog thing its a webcammax thing

  9. daywalker32

    serious problem with 5.5.236..when im not in a room and i open a private with cam..its asks me to click the start video..but how can it be done with the remote access option..bcoz,,if i sleep and my cam is opened using the remote access option,,it wont start till i click on start video…need help!!!!!

  10. hello i would like say i have updated to new camfrog i had new computer thats
    is 3 core CPU and 4 gigs ram i keep getting disconnected from camfrog i was ok when was on old one till this one came out could i say how long this 6.0 going take i can not do nothing now my cam lagging all over the place and i have 50 meg connection so i know not that new computer camfrog come on pull finger i am dieing to see what new on like also i would likt to ask 0could i beta test it please

  11. Aussiee


    Why after install 5.5 , if open cam Video could not be loaded , I sure this problem not from my internet couse i use 1 Giga B/W


  12. JK

    I was using cf 5.3 with NO problems at all. I went in a room and could not open any cams at all, when I tried I got a message on screen saying I needed to upgrade. I deleted 5.3 from my HD and then downloaded from CF version 5.5 and installed it. Now when I go into a room most ppl can’t see my cam, it will not load for them, a friend suggested I roll back to version 5.4 so I did that. When using version 5.4 I encountered the same issue. When using webcammax again hardly anyone can load my cam, when using manycam again hardly anyone can load my cam. I went back to version 5.5 and a couple of ppl could finally load my cam so this PROVES beyond any doubt that this issue is a bug or glitch within the CF client and needs to be fixed. I can say this with confidence as I have stated I am on the same pc as I was 3 days ago and everything was working perfectly, it has only been since the FORCED upgrade that I have encountered this problem. As a long time users of CF I do hope they will sort this and other issues (some ppl are having audio issues) with great speed.

  13. dakota238

    Using WIN 2000, service pack 4, when I click on a room nothing happens, as though the hyperlink doesn’t exist. Solution?

  14. Macguiver

    Daywalker, in the “Additional” options page, if you check the box “Always broadcast video in private calls” your video will automatically start when you initiate a private video call remotely

  15. daywalker32

    thx Mac…lol it was always there and i dont know how it slipped my eye…i feel like such a noob,,,hahaha…thanks again bud..problem sorted out ..cheers

  16. Foxyserver-
    Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on bot my laptop and PC the only time my memory sneeks up is if i have over 40 cams open and about 20 IMs going.

    Nice job on this, its nice to see improvment with cuts in resorce.


  17. Anthony,

    There is some memory leak with that version. I have 3 comptuers – Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit which using a lot cpu from camfrog. This computer Window 7 Ulimate 32bit are perfect camfrog, and other one Window 7 Professional 32bit are perfect. But why 64 not perfect?

  18. SteveSunJia

    I’m getting a lot of reports of instability, in particular C++ runtime crashes, freeze-ups. Works great for me though. I suspect these problems may be linked to people using some kind of webcam enhancers like webcammax etc based on comments by others.

  19. SteveSunJia

    regarding the FAQ on how to send a crash report — this is way way too complicated for most users. I strongly suggest you make this automatic on the next start following a crash, or at least provide a second icon in the camfrog program folder that starts camfrog in debug mode and then compresses and sends on exist (with user approval)

  20. frogfuzion

    Or drop us users a beta version before surprising us with a version like 5.5

    Have instability issues with 5.5 as well, only other software I use with camfrog is manycam. 5.5 tends to crash when entering or exiting a room with tons of IM windows open. Issue was non-existent with 5.4

    win7 ultimate 64-bit
    intel core2quad 9550
    8gb ram

  21. Showid

    Thanks for the new version. Certainly less on resources,BUT

    a) at times I see CPU usage (spike)shoot up to 80%.
    b) When in a private call the cams of either parties freezes and we have to hangup and call again. Both parties are using v5.5. We use manycam, not sure if its safe as what is reported by others in the list.
    c) At time the entire CF crashes suddenly, similar to wat was in one of of the previous releases.

    All efforts to make a new version is greatly appreciated. Good job.
    Waiting for a v6.0.

  22. Showid

    Sorry forgot to mention config
    Dell latitude -D610 – 1.8Ghz Cpu with 2GB RAM and XP with all SP/Patches.


    I have 2 computers, one desktop running windows XP media center and one laptop running windows 7 64-bit Edition. My camera on the windows 7 64_bit Edition is not loading its video cam properly. Keep getting video could not be loaded message. Its not my connection because I am running FIOS 25/25 speed. And there are times even my XP camera is not loading its remote window. I have to leave the chat room then come back in then sometimes it does load. Admin, do i need to go back to the previous version?? I am sure others are experiencing these cam issues.

    Laptop is a Core i7 processor Quadcore
    4GB RAM
    Windows 7 64-Bit

    Desktop is a AMD 3800+ Processor
    3GB RAM
    Windows XP Media Center Edition

  24. Okay, after I requesting my teams to send me their screenshot of camfrog usage of cpu, they has been using more than old version. And even Camfrog 2.1 does not great with Camfrog 5.5.

    Of course, I have 5 comptuers in my office.

    1 – Windows XP
    2- Windows Vista Ulimiate
    3 – Windows 7 Professional
    4 – Windows 7 Ulimate
    5 – MAC OS

    All Camfrog 5.5 (2.1 on mac) are not great. IT is really suck, I have to admit, it still not great. You need to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you

  25. MistaAgress

    lol foxy

    i think your 5 computers are not great … camfrog works fine for me
    intel quadcore 3.2 ghz 4 gb ram

    75 cams 12-16 % cpu power ….. fucking nicely 🙂

  26. al

    this version really sucks! i don’t mind if you have problems you are working on… but i don’t like to be lied to. anyone who says they are not having problems is…. we are not STUPID!

  27. al

    hey…. where is my last reply?? is that how you play? i was going to tell you a few more things i’d tried that seem to work… but?? i guess you don’t need my two cents.

  28. SoljaBear

    I have to agree with MistaAgress. I have darn near the same system he has, I have a nice 20000down/4500up connection and I can pull 70-100 cams with only 18% cpu usage. So 5.5 is running great and no module crashes or anything. The best webcam software simply keeps getting better and better. GOOD JOB to the Camfrog Team!

  29. dustin118

    My 2 cents …. i just tryed to go into a room after not bothering to go on cf for some weeks because for the last month whenever i try to load a cam in any room or cf trys to open my webcam my whole system reboots . i have used my webcam with other applications and it works as it used to with no problems at all… im not a technical person so i wont be faffing around with my pc to get it working … just wont go on cf anymore lol

  30. Bergie11

    My system is Windows XP.

    I was running Camfrog 5.1 and it was working fine. Cams were working great, now that I upgraded to 5.5, cams are pixelated. Thats mine and when I go into a room, all cams I open, come thru pixelated, can’t see a thing. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

    Please HELP!

  31. IlOvEYoUToMuChFoRItGiRl

    Hello makers of Camfrog Client 5.5.236 i’m very happy with this produkt software in the begining my ic0p 5.2 not work together i install in later again and everything work good no problem thank for new client


  32. For some reason I can not get into Naughty Hotties or Sticky Situations. I have uninstalled camfrog,deactivated my firewall. Each time is says these rooms are offlinme or behind firewall. I have even included camfrog under exceptions. Please help me fix this issue so I can view these rooms again. I have the latest version of camforg 5.5 installed. I even have all of my microsoft windows up to date. thanks

  33. Please leave detail information how I can resolve thse issue with not being able to view naughty hotties & sticky situation.


  34. Minxy

    Since i installed the newest version and so did my friend {shes mac im windows} we cannot connect.. it gets as far a linking up and then just as were about to connect it boots her off.. getting really fed up as this was our fav way to chat
    cant find where i’m s’posed to report or try and sort this problemn.. PLEASE HELP

  35. JK


  36. cool_kevin

    I like the new version however many peoples cams are UNVIEWABLE.. especially if they run manycam or split cam., You have to come in with a cam, pause it then load manycan and unpause and 20% of the time it will work.. I think it’s time for another upgrade,

    ALSO with all the work you’ve put on IPHONES can you UPGRADE the windows camfrog versions to include rooms and allow us to hear audio. Its a shame we have to run shoutcast when we could be utilizing YOUR technology. I think offering a nominal fee like $10 for the MOBILE V3.0 with room join feature would be fair.,

  37. SoljaBear

    I have had really no issues or problems with this version. Well one thing and it is strange. When I am running IceOp and shutoff Camfrog? I get that little box asking me to close the program. Wierd huh? Only happens when IceOp is opened.

  38. IceTree

    This is what is in the problem details when I close Camfrog while leaving IceOp open. Notice the fault module is ice.dll??

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Camfrog Video Chat.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4b7a8a53
    Fault Module Name: ice.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 2a425e19
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00017fbb
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: b7f8
    Additional Information 2: d5b39165848484528a43602524863d18
    Additional Information 3: 512a
    Additional Information 4: 6bfc73f703d3b1a1df97dcde0132f928

    Read our privacy statement:

  39. Delano

    Howe is it posible that my cam not work in som rooms ? and how do i send the debug file with windows 7 64 bit


  40. KD Indonesia

    latest version big problems with debugging suggested, Camfrog Client Module alerts, cannot open almost all rooms in Thailand and Asia – same on my computer at home, my laptop and internet cafes near my house – wow!! Just got Pro too but can’t use it easily at all

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