Camfrog Client 2.1.3064 (Mac) Released

Hello Camfrog Mac users.

Today we released a new version of Camfrog Client for Mac OS X.  This new release uses our brand new video streaming and viewing technology with higher quality video and less CPU usage. On top of this new exciting video technology we also fixed a lot of bugs that Mac users reported by going to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choosing “Generate File for Technical Support”.  Thank you for helping make Camfrog Mac a rock solid application.

We tried our best to continue support for Power PC with this new client but unfortunately it was not technically possible due to our new video technology.  If you have a Power PC Mac and you ordered Camfrog Mac within the last 90 days please contact the helpdesk and we can refund your money.

Please note that Camfrog Mac and Windows Pro codes are the same so you can use the code on your Windows computer, or with a virtual machine if you don’t want to stop using Camfrog.  You can also use the Pro code with any Intel Mac.

If you experience any technical problems with this new client please go to the Camfrog Video Chat menu and generate a file for our support team.

Download Camfrog 2.1.3064 (Mac)Change List

24 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 2.1.3064 (Mac) Released

  1. rick

    i need 2.0.3009 back as this newer version overwrote it. is there anywhere i can get download it?

  2. mac

    hello ????!!!!

    It does not work on PPC!!! You guys ever heard of Universal binary ?

  3. That version 2.0.3009 has been blocked way long time ago due out of dated and does not compability with new Camfrog Server.

  4. 0V0H0RNET

    I posted something yesterday in the message board forum and today it is missing. I kind of expected to see a “wow be patient and we will see what is going on with the MAC issues” but nope just just disappeared. Good luck finding 2.0.3009 I tried for quite a while with no luck. Come on Camfrog help us out here. Thanks!

  5. admin

    0v0, I didn’t even get a chance to logon here yesterday so nothing was deleted. Perhaps it was just never allowed at all or perhaps you are confused about which post you commented on? This new Blog post was just posted a few hours ago, not yesterday.

  6. 0V0H0RNET

    Admin it could be a error on my part but what about the mac issues? Wasn’t trying to upset you guys. I am more concerned about fixes than the message trying to report this problem. Great little program you guys are developing I really enjoy it but any fixes in the near future for us mac fans?

  7. 0V0H0RNET

    If this helps I am running a Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 and using 10.4.11 and it shows a grey circle with slash on the Camfrog icon with text “system not supported” message. Does the new build require 10.5 and above and what about those of us who need to stay at 10.4 at this time? Hope this helps. Thanks

  8. admin

    0v0, you didn’t upset anyone, I just wanted to make it clear that I am not deleting your comments. The Blog post explains that the new client doesn’t support Power PC.

  9. 0V0H0RNET

    Wow that is a bummer and doesn’t that limit your client base somewhat? So what about us PPC users? Out of luck? Will you guys resupport 2.0 for us?

  10. cam

    that’s not right, abosolutely I payed 50 euro for life not for one years, and i have to change my mac? Because you change all? What kind of thing is this? I want to be refound!

  11. dyupera

    i have been using my power book for a long time now and this is really a hard thing for me to let go. Why does it always say it does not support the system? We need your help admin pls provide us with answers to address the situation pls.

  12. admin


    I can see the email you used to post. I looked up your order and refunded you. You can confirm with Esellerate.

    If anyone else ordered recently and they are unhappy please contact the helpdesk with their order info. Apple also stopped supporting the PPC architecture themselves and unfortunately our new video technology is unable to support it either due to technical limitations.

  13. ErikinUSA

    Thanks a lot guys. No more camfrog for me. Dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5. Guess I’m out of luck.

  14. dyupera

    admin is it possible to still use my powerbook g4 for camfrog it seems that i cannot make use of the camfrog client for this one. Can you please help us with this one pls.

    thanks a lot hoping for your repl.

  15. _gareon_

    Can anyone help me, I am looking for Mac equivalents of Kermit or IceOp? There doesn’t seem to be anything similar for the Mac! Help 🙂

  16. lupus

    hi there, do you have access to the apple crash reports?
    this new version crashes on my macbook pro immediately after loggin into a room.It seems that the crash occurs immediately after, or while loading the cam. Here my specs: 2,5GHz Intel Core 2 duo, 4GB Ram, no app running.


  17. are welcome PowerBook G4 Mac OS X 10.4.11 PowerPC is so not my intel for me to be deaf Camfrog Video Chat Room is good but not going astaYou is using old version of Camfrog Video Chat. Please upgrade to submit your video into the room.You is using old version of Camfrog Video Chat. Please upgrade to watch this user’s video stream.
    it does not work is as

  18. WholeOx

    There must be many of us Mac users who downloaded Camfrog 2.1 for the mac on their PPC Mac to find out it was only for the intel Macs. What many of us have done is to install 2.1 over the older Camfrog 2.0. Now we are stuck because there is no place to go to download 2.0. or if there is pleas tell us where we can download it.
    Or like someone else said there should be a universal binary version for up PPC users.

  19. rick

    seems like a decision to force us mac users to spend more money buy buying newer versions of macs with the intel core processors. way to go apple . ive spent thousands of dollars on your productsover the years but ill be buying a pc with windows 7 next month.

  20. WholeOx

    No rick it was Camfrog’s decision to write their program the way they did!

  21. admin


    Actually the program has no problem and will work fine with PowerPC, but the multimedia system cannot work with Power PC and unfortunately it’s outside our control.

    We would love to support Power PC but unfortunately it’s not technically possible.

    Apple stopped supporting Power PC also with Snow Leopard.

  22. WholeOx

    Well I am looking forward to buying a new Mac. This situation is driving me closer to making that purchase. I would never go to a Windows Computer just because Camfrog or apple stopped the support of their software. With the new Intel Mac I could run any operating system I want. I would never want to cut out the ability to run a Mac operating system. So I guess I will see you guys later when my new Mac arrives!

  23. rick

    my g4 will get retired to strictly do work. but im not paying 2800.00 for another desktop model to surf the internet and get on cam frog. i love macs but they are way overpriced.

  24. WholeOx

    So say goodbye to the Apple and goodbye to the OS you know and love and don’t look back!

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