Old Camfrog Server Software Blocked

All older Camfrog Server software has now been blocked.  Please upgrade your servers by visiting our download page.

Our new server software allows our new Camfrog clients to use new more efficient and higher quality video technology.

This article published on March 3rd had a warning and explained why we had to do this.  Thank you for upgrading your server.

Download (Windows) – Camfrog Server 4.3Camfrog Advanced Server 5.0

Download (Linux) – Camfrog Server 4.3 or 5.0

13 thoughts on “Old Camfrog Server Software Blocked

  1. Zoomshorts

    Some users have their icons showing up as BOTS. Is this the result of a third party add-on?

  2. ErikinUSA

    Yea this is messed up, I purchased a PROCODE and now I can no longer use the product I purchased. CONTINUE support for Macintosh PowerPC please.

  3. CasperPL


    some bug i joined many time crashed “your Video” no load camera.
    I’m use Windows XP.


  4. admin

    Zoomshorts, I cannot recreate this. Tell me the room and users who look like bots and what client/server versions everything is running.

  5. Hello all
    I dont know what there is goin on whit the new client versoin.
    But it crach all the time here.
    I never have this before it have someting to do with the video part.

  6. admin

    Zip, not much we can do without log files. Check the FAQ with instructions on how to send them.

  7. Hello Admin

    We also use 5.0 from the server program
    And we test a lot with the program.
    Now I want to ask the camfrog something about that there are so many attacks on servers from hosting people
    We think if the camfrog make some small change in the software that we hosting people and the people how have to run a room can stop that there not have so many attacks anymore.
    I make a sample.
    Normal there attack the server ip like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4700 <<< end port
    But we use now 5.0 and we change all the time the end port from 4700 to 5600 what efher.
    Then the room is not offline and the attack has no use anymore
    Is there some why to change the software so that de rooms change from port number every 3 or 5 sec.
    Something like a timer or that de hosting people self can change the timer limit for to change that port.
    A lot of people in the UK zone and Chinese zone have a lot of problems now with BotNet Attacks that is not normal any more.
    They want to be all nr. 1 and then they use a botnet to attack other servers
    Now in the UK zone people are move to Asia zone only for the attacks.
    I am in the camfrog for the fun but in this way it is no fun anymore
    And also a lot of hosting people think to stop to hosting rooms
    That is why i ask this for the new 5.0 server program.

    Oke i hope you mean what is saying in this massage.
    Thanks to read this and we hope the camfrog help us with this problem

  8. Zoomshorts

    Interesting idea. Rotating ports for security reasons, much like jitter introduced to RADAR systems to make them harder to be seen.

    I like that idea.

  9. O and Admin
    If my client is crashing is not so important
    I fight for a lot of people who can’t play normal anymore in the camfrog
    And that only for maybe 4 or 5 people who are use a Botnet to take down there server and rooms
    Is is not only that they attack my rooms or servers believe me
    First it is in 1 zone then 2 zones now 3 zones maybe next week in all zones
    So camfrog please change something about that end port for every room
    Make it random or something
    The Camfrog i make a lot of people happy again to play the Camfrog
    That will help a lot you will see thanks

  10. Hello Admin,
    new version 4.3 has problem with attacks and can not stopped this.
    we habe all rooms with anti-flood. Old version 4.2 was good and stopped
    the attacks. New version 4.3 can not stopped. Why ?

  11. Katie

    and as I read this msg, its true… please fix this problem, as I just stated with my recent post few minutes ago is related to the same thing… Why is it only an issue with CF? where as other chats (Msn/yahoo/etc..) all of them works fine. Its only effecting CF, so maybe its more than just network bandwidth.

    I am in the U.S.A and I’m having the same problem too…

    Some investigation can help find the room cause and fix the issue.

  12. Katie

    I upgraded to the new version from 5.1 my webcam works on 5.1 but will not work on 5.5 People can see me, but I cannot see them and I cannot see myself too. It get blurry.. Plus my computer is old from 2003, it works on 5.1 not newer version… Please HELP!! I dont understand this at all why not work for new version but works on old one 5.1

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